Any good bass shops in SLC??

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  1. I'm headed to Salt Lake City for the weeked. I'm going to freeze my ass off :rolleyes:

    Anyone know if there's any good music stores there???
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    Apr 12, 2001
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    Hehehe....this is totally the wrong time of year for a Florida boy to be anywhere near SLC. I know how your Florida people are, I have a friend who lives in Cape Coral. Anything below 70, and you've got your heavy coats and ear muffs on. :D

    You better put that trip off until June or July buddy.

  3. I grew up in NY and skied all over the northeast as well as several trips to Colorado. I know what to expect. No skiing for me these days but we will be snowmobiling. My friends out there assured me, they have all the warm gear I will need once I get there :) I still have all my hunting gear. I'm going to pack my wool sweater, coat, Gortex overalls and Rocky boots :) I just need to buy a cowboy hat :bassist:
    I'll be warm!!
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    May 5, 2002
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    There's a Guitar Center in West Jordan/Salt Lake City at the intersection of I-215 and Redwood Rd. There's also another GC north of Hill AFB on I-15 right before the Riverdale exit.

    Also, Guitar Czar on 33rd south and like 30 East or so is a cool shop. Eric Sopanen and Gary Tada (both guitarists) are good people.

    I moved OUT of UtaW in Jan and I do miss the mountains.

    Now, I have the Pacific Ocean to look at and 85 degree days.

    Good luck and enjoy the scenery and beauty.
  5. Welcome to my part of the country, man! Bring a coat. We're supposed to have a low of 2 degrees tomorrow. :D