Any good File hosting websites out here...

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  1. This is the OFF topic thread so I figured I would ask here. Are any of you guys using a file hosting web service to show off your home made music? Of course I looked into the free ones and they all have serious strings attatched, "Spy Trogens" is one and asking the user that is downloading to Join something and fill out a form :-( NADA , I am looking for a NO strings way to give a shortcut to a web hosted file "mp3" of my original music for people to download with the right click of a mouse no "Clubs" or "Accounts" to join or pop ups of sort. :spit: :spit: :meh:
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    I have had reasonably good service from these folks, considering the price. It's tough to beat $5/month and still have it be legit.

    Before you do anything though, check with your ISP (internet service provider), they usually include 5 or 10 mb of free space for you as part of your net connection deal.