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Any info available on Ibanez BTB 600E?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by David Henry, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Hi all,
    Thanks for looking in.
    Bassplace is selling an Ibanez BTB 600E on eBay. Auction address is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4713&item=2371334010
    Bassplace says it is a discontinued model, but there is no info that I can find anywhere to confirm this.(including searching here and Ibanez.com) I have emailed Bassplace and they have no additional info.
    Is this good quality and pricing compared to the other BTBs?
    Made in Korea or Japan?
    Is their starting price of $495.00 a good deal?
    Are the angled pickup locations going to make any difference in the balance of the tone across the strings?
    Any links to cataloges or other info from Ibanez?
    I wonder why the model was discontinued so soon after its release.
    Thank you for any help you can give,
  2. A friend of mine plays on a five string BTB that I am trying to buy off of him. I know his is made in Korea. From what little experience I have with these basses (never owned one, but played a few) there isn't that much of a difference between the Japanese and Korean models. Any time I hear of the BTB series, I always hear the same thing; that they are an excellent value, particularly the Korean ones, because they are cheaper. The ebay page said the 600 was $1,199.00 new. That seems alittle high to me. What I mean is, if you were buying it in person you could talk them down a bit. My thinking is that it must be japanese, because as I understand it, the more expensive ones come out of japan. If you can get it for $495 new, you have an excellent deal on your hands, because I see used ones for that price all the time, and they are really built well.

    Not sure if any of that helps.

    Guess I will be getting on my way then...
  3. Thanks for the input soupy112. I really like my 1005OL five string and am hoping to add a 4 string to the collection.
    I was hoping to see some info direct from Ibanez on this model, but for some reason there is nothing avaiable anywhere I have searched.
    It seems this was a very short lived model and that makes me think it is not so great.
    Does anyone have access to the Ibanez factory info that you could give me a link to?
    Any owners of this model that have an opinion good or bad?
  4. Update:
    Bassplace just emailed me with this info:
    "It is japanese made, with american bartolini's. I'm afraid I do not have any type of link for this bass, as it is discontinued...Ibanez
    doesnt keep discontinued items on their webpage. The closest specs on it, is the current btb model 510E. You may have some luck in some of the bass forums online, but offhand I dont know of any."

    Well, I am getting closer to a decision, but still am concerned why it has been discontinued already.
  5. I don't necessarily agree. A lot of fine instruments just don't catch the public imagination. Stratocaster sales were pretty lackluster until Hendrix made the world take notice (I'm not really an electric guitar guy, so if anybody wishes to disagree, please do so).
  6. I will have to go ahead and agree with the last post... I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about this being discontinued. I just have a hard time swallowing the fact that it wouldn't be worth the money. These things (BTBs) hold their value pretty well from what I have seen, and hell it has american barts. I would keep up the search for info, but if I were you I would jump on the deal. Worst case scenario is you get it and dont like it, and resell it. Which I dont think you would have any trouble at all doing.

    As I said previously, I am trying to buy a BTB off of a friend of mine, and I still have some questions about them. That is why I am trying to follow this thread. Keep us posted if you do find anything.
  7. I agree with you guys, Mr. Goody Good and soupy112. It does not have to be popular to be a great bass. It is just a bit odd there is no info at all that I can find on this particular model.

    I am hoping to hear from someone who has hands on experience with this bass to get an opinion of tone. I am wondering how different it will sound with those Bart single coil pickups in that angled configuration compared to the Ibanez soapbar humbuckers on my 1005. The D and G strings seem like they would be thinner sounding with the pickup angled back towards the bridge, which I would not like.

    Thanks for the feedback,
  8. Bump.
    Anyone ever play or read about this model?