Any information on a tremolo 6 bridge

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  1. I've done the search and all but it didnt give me what I needed.

    Really anything about a floating/tremolo bridge.

    Does anyone know where I can get one for a 6 string bass. How many springs would I be looking at? is there a possible way to get one so it doesnt bow my neck?

    thank you, I hope
  2. Could this please be moved to where it may have a better chance of being answered?
  3. i belive hip shot is going to be making one for 6 strings. that would mean u would have to do alot of routing. i cant rember the site some thing like prokpruducts, they make copys of the kahler trem,u can get it in a 6 string modle.i also belive kahler is making them again. i would say go with kahler because u dont have to remve alot of wood. i have no problems with my neck.and thats ona fender mim.