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Any links to Thai pop/rock tab or sheet?

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by vapochilled, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. My girl, listens to lots of Thai music, most of it being Thai pop/rock. Does anyone one have links to tab or sheet music? I don't know her favorite bands for sure.

    In her Itunes I see: Bie & Pat, Bird Thongchai, Black Sheep II, Black Vanilla, Blackhead, Body Slam, Bogie Dodge, Bovy, Boy, Briony, Clash(thai clash), Cocktail, Different Zeazons, Dolly Project, Dunk, Ebola Enlighten, Feburary, Gift, Good bye my love, Happiness, He She and Me, Hug, Jack, James, John, Kala, Lanna Commins, Mr. Smith, Nancy and the Pianist, Nut Myria, Parn, Play Ground, Retrospect, Silly Fools, WAII.

    Thats everything with english leters where she has complete albums. There are some other singles. And tons of songs in thai writing??? But I don't think we can post the writing in here.

    But any links to sheet music or tab would be much appreciated. Or even links to online stores, mail order (domestic USA) or download. Would be cool.

    Thanks in advance.

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