Any love for powered subs as part of your rig?

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  1. flameworker


    Jun 15, 2014
    Landenberg, Pennsylvania
    one day....
    I was checking this thing out, looks like it would be a great part of a bass rig from the specs...Probably have to put it off to the side tho.

    It's a 1000 watt amp with an 18, the crossover chops it at 140, and it has a 3 band eq. I think I would rather have a crossover that could be dialed in but hey.

    I was thinking this guy combined with a Markbass traveler, or a Phil Jones Suitcase would be all you would need, or would it be too boomy? I like the idea of part of the bass amp showing up with the PA stuff tho, and breezing into gigs with nothing but a 2 x 8 cabinet and a gig bag.

    Not that expensive either. ThumpSeries18S-FIN.jpg

    I just got an F2 (something like that), but mines downfired, OBC2000 or something? 12" powered with a 430 watt Bash amp(200 watts rms). I haven't tried it yet, as I have a new years resolution that i cant play with my new toy until I clean my bedroom (I feel like I'm 12) here is a few square feet of my room. Wife is out of town, and the whole room looks like this.... 20150104_191357.jpg
    Yea, from now on, one project at a time....
  2. I used a sub once inside. Sounded great to us, also caused folks to leave feeling ill from the kick drum and bass. Best leave those to a house PA with someone who can control it off stage.
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