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Any lyricists here?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Eric Cioe, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Does anyone here write lyrics?

    If you do, please share something with us.

    I guess I'll start-

    Out in the darkness, with stars burning bright
    Feeling a change in me tonight
    Out in this place, with eyes free to see
    These sketches of serenity

    Out on the lakeshore, with waves rolling in
    Hearing the secrets long held within
    Asking a question, the response comes to me
    In vivid scenes of serenity

    Out in the city, with buildings rising high
    Reminiscing of that star filled sky
    Recalling moments that I long to see
    Anxious for another change in me

    Wrote that last night. Pretty artsy/fartsy for me, but it's pretty cool I think.
  2. Taco Bell Queen

    I walk to the register
    Nervously standing, I cant take the pressure
    She says “Can I take your order?”
    I said hit me with that taste from across the boarder

    She said that’ll be 99 cents please
    Her body, my eyes were teased
    Minimum wage worker, it has to be a disguise
    Then I realized:

    Shes a Taco Bell Queen
    Shes the hottest thing ive ever seen
    Cause she’s a taco Bell queen
    She looks good in Blue jeans
    Shes the taco bell queen
    She’s surprisingly clean
    She’s the taco bell queen
    I want to taste her..protein
    Shes the taco bell queen

    It’s taco bell……………she’s only thirteen

    by the way this isn't a serious song
  3. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    Sounds like GWAR!
  4. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Yep. Comes with vocal duties. This one is about 2-3 weeks old.
    Edit- Note: Really doesn't "flow" in the traditional sense, but this is lurching, ADD style metal, so it fits into the actual song pretty flawlessly.

    Give it all like a gut-shot of cancer
    A present of the blinded collapse
    Take that time of murderous pardon
    To swim inside head of the diseased
    Turn eyes to deserts of reddening
    Carving names on deathly limbs
    In these silences something may rise
    Naked and freezing with shiv in the rachis
    Glyphs that read the carrion vendetta
    Take that maggot heart and bury it deep
    Before azure becomes dynamite catalyst

    Entropy at its finest burns so bright
    Seems as though the gutters are afire
    Aborted with acid a thousand time again
    Say goodbye to the morass knee deep
    Filled with tounges of those that came before
    Trapped again in endless rain
    Staring upward as faces melt within
    Pesticide forgiveness running like water
    Pooling with the blood around feet
    Siphon off infected leeches of remorse
    Toxicity’s boiling point is contravention
    Fortunes of amnesty lost in shuffling feet
    Covered and cut down as vision blurs
    Nothing too sacred to be desecrated
    Play recovery’s wicked game for a while
    As the future hurtles out of control
    All that is left is what this sarcoma can give
    Give it all like a gut-shot of cancer
  5. Cool guys- keep 'em coming.

    The Taco Bell Queen was great! Reminds me of some biology class lyrics I wrote with a buddy of mine (each wrote a verse, and then passes the paper to eachother).

    I think it's good to write some totally non-sensical lyrics from time to time. It prevents you from taking yourself too seriously.

    Me and my drummer buddy Jim (we are both huge Rush fans) went to a carnival a couple of summers back, and met a carny named Curly Pratt. He worked the "Bust the Bottle" stand, or, as Curly would say "Kick it in the ass." This guy was just plain filth, and we got along great. Anyway, any project I've been in with Jim has taken on the name Curly Pratt since then, and this was the first song we wrote for it.

    The Ballad of Curly Pratt

    Who's the man behind the myth?
    Who's that crazy sumabitch?
    You've heard the stories, you've seen the fat
    This man is none other than Curly Pratt

    Just step right up and you will see
    The bust the bottle mystery
    The booze was drank long ago
    By a working man and a midnight ho

    etc, etc, etc...

    Brendan- those have got to be the most metal lyrics I've ever read! A gut shot of cancer? Fraggin' genious!
  6. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Heres one by my buddy.

    Uncle Sam be representin our nation
    He supposed to be our salvation
    This is intended to be democracy
    How can this be

    Power by the people
    Power by the people

    They control our lives
    Cant even vote, for our own president
    Basic human rights: They’ve been deprived
    Electoral college
    That’s a load of

    Our own people
    Yea thas right
    They believin everything he says
    We must put up a fight

    Power by the people
    Power by the people

    They believe they own the game
    So then why do we just sit here
    Why are we so tame?
    We have to show we have no fear

    Relentless we must be
    As we try to shape this democracy
    Our freedoms, they must be preserved
    They must give us whatt we deserve

    Direct election
    Has to be the policy of this nation
    None o this Electoral College
    We have to fight for it

    Government thinkin they runnin the show
    Well, wut the do they know?
    Only us people can decide
    But the government doesnt see this side
    Always thinkin they know whats right
    Well, we gotta show em wut we want
    And maybe then they’ll understand our fight

    Power by the people
    Power by the people
    Power by the people
  7. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Naw. Thank John Bush (Anthrax). There's a song caled "Inside Out" That contains the lyrics:

    "It's in my stomach like fire, like cancer / Like a knife I've been gunshot"

    I heard (what sounded to me like) "gut-shot" and the word "cancer" pretty close to each other, and the line popped into my head. So I guess it's not really my fraggin' genius...
  8. alright i got a couple here they are a little old as i havnt had much time to write lately.

    A song for you.

    Today I wrote a song for you
    a song you'll never hear
    About how I have fallen for you
    About how you dont care
    About how I cant fall asleep at night
    Because your always on my mind.
    All about all of the love
    That I will never find

    So now I write this song for you
    And hope that you wont go
    I need all the answers, to all the whys
    That I will never know.

    I hate this relationship
    If you can call it that at all
    When someone loves someone so damn much
    And they dont care at all
    I hate the **** you promise me
    I hate your way with words
    I hate the fact that I cant hate you
    And the fact that I dont learn

    Now i sit here and wonder
    If I could have done, what I needed to do
    If we could ever be more than friends
    I wondered what you'd think of me If I called you tonight
    I asked god why your not here
    why your not by my side
    Why he wont let me win this fight

    I wondered if you'd ever cared
    And then I heard the phone
    and i prayed it was you
    And I would not be alone
    Now that i have writen this song for you..
    i know that you will hear it
    and give me the answers to all the whys
    that i needed to know.


    number 2

    Good Luck Without Me

    i know a guy that likes you, he's the kid from science too,
    one plus one you know is two, this is wat he'd say to you...


    i love you
    dont leave me
    you make me feel safe
    you chagne me
    i hold you...
    to my face
    its good to
    have felt you
    when you're around
    when i feel down
    i just think of you...


    just, go... find someone, to change your world, bring it all back
    rite at your feet... and when you feel like cryin, just remember the days
    when he said he loved you too, and put that smile on your face


    i know you feel
    lyk your world
    is crumblin down,
    its feels lyk
    your face...
    is twisted around
    i wish you good seasons
    have a nice trip...


    And number 3.

    Life After You.

    Intro Verse
    Sitting and thinking, wishing you'd call, wanting to hold you, miss me at all?
    Why is it always you on my mind? Can't help but kiss you, this song is mine.

    Drums or Guitar Intro (Main Riff)

    First Verse
    Sometimes I find it hard to breath, Living my life gets so hard to lead
    Knowing I've lost you, makes me feel worthless
    I felt i could fly, with you by my side.

    Small Break

    But somehow it happens the day you far gone
    i sat on the stairs, shoutin, can you come home
    the nieghbors were screamin, I sit there alone
    and thats when when i see you, smile, bringin hope

    Main Riff

    Second Verse
    You made me feel special, something i can never be
    i knew that you were the one.




    Third Verse
    It's not like you care, that much i know
    I write wat feel, it's time for my show,
    I have few regrets, for living my life
    but seeing myself in your eyes, makes this FINE!

    Drum Bit


    Bridge (solo's and **** maybe)

    Repeat Intro Verse

    and there u go theres a couple of mine the only ones i have typed up on the computer. I am too lazy to type up some more so that all for now folks.

  9. Eric, put up the lyrics to "Possesion" - Great stuff ;)
  10. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Those lyrics were pretty cool Brendan. You've got a real knack for writing metal lyrics. I wrote a metal song... well poem. My girlfriend told me to write a poem for her. It was something about the thoughts going through my head as I was being beaten to death, and how it reminded me of my abusive childhood or something (which I didn't have BTW). It was kinda cool.
  11. Possession (check out www.cdbaby.com/evolved to hear a clip).

    Drifting off in my basement cage
    I must reverse the acts of age
    Research has brought me to the start
    I’ve solved the lungs; I’ve solved the heart

    How can I resuscitate
    The brilliant mind of a saint
    How can I bring back the corpse
    To create an unstoppable force

    Tonight- I’ll fight off scrutiny
    Tonight- I’ll preserve mortality

    I’m leaving history behind
    As I rewrite the book of life
    I refuse to hear what they say
    I’m going ahead either way

    The time has come to make my move
    Tonight I ascend into the blue
    The creature almost tasting life
    Tonight I end my plight

    Tonight- I’ll set this creature free
    Tonight- I’ll preserve mortality

    Locked away in my basement cage
    Trying to calm the commoners' rage
    How could I create
    That which interrupted fate

    Tonight- I defied mortality
    Tonight- I faced eternity...
  12. Love the song Eric, great lyrics!
  13. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I think in Metal.

  14. Here's one i wrote after a Math Test a couple weeks ago


    Blood Through my veins
    Rage through my brain
    Keep your distance
    Im ******* insane

    Angers gonna show
    Tempers gonna go
    What’s gonna happen
    You don’t want to know

    Im gonna kill you
    No matter the consequences
    Im gonna kill you
    Ill take all the chances
    Im gonna kill you
    Don’t even try to run away
    Im gonna kill you
    You gonna die anyway

    Preparations have been made
    Last words have been said
    Nothing you can do now
    Your ******* dead

    Anger now relieved
    Blood on my knife
    Im so happy now
    That I took your life
  15. Whoa dood. Big mood swings. First, you write punky, I love you kind of thing. And now, this. Crazy.
  16. yea im a crazy guy. Here is one after my football coach said "You must have eaten Wheaties today."


    Why is it
    Why is Wheaties the breakfast of champions
    What does it do
    Gives energy and it strengthens tendons

    What about the others
    The other breakfast foods
    Lucky charms is for midgets
    Count chocula changes moods

    Others has disadvantages
    The silly rabbit is actually gay
    And Cookie Crisp
    now is not considered gourmet

    but wheaties
    All the atheletes enjoy
    Tiger woods and Michael Jordan
    Say its there play boy
    Dan Marino and troy aikmen
    Say that it’s the best
    and when its third and long
    they feel very unstressed

    The atheletes don’t
    like Fruity Pebbles
    they don’t like being confused
    by their tricky puzzles

    and Tiger woods
    he doesn’t like smacks
    the frog makes him nervous
    and he can’t relax

    but wheaties
    All the atheletes enjoy
    Tiger woods and Michael Jordan
    Say its there play boy
    Dan Marino and troy aikmen
    Say that it’s the best
    and when its third and long
    they feel very unstressed
  17. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    johnm0187, those not so serious lyrics are great! Love the Taco Bell Queen thing. Zappa would be proud.
  18. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    I was forced to sing and write lyrics for Dead Hand System, which I had never done before. I wrote this one in about 5 minutes:

    Upon Waking

    Adam, where are you now?
    I lost you in a dream
    I'm all alone, I'm all alone
    In eternity

    I will fade away
    I will become obsolete
    And when you turn to find me
    You will find me gone

    Without me your life is worthless
    Your existence becomes nothing
    Then it ends

    You can download it here: Upon Waking

    It's not written from my point of view, by the way. Guess who's?
  19. since you all have seen my non serious songs, I'll post a serious one

    If I Can

    If i can be there,
    any day you are.
    I would see every thing you are.
    And everything you are,
    is every thing to me.

    If i can be there for you,
    would you be there in me?

    Just to see how the light shines in your eyes.

    I would be there in your storms,
    I would be there to calm your soul,
    I would be there for you to lift these deeds.

    Your next to me,
    But your falling,
    falling from between my fingers.
    Falling from the sky above me.

    But i will be there with you,
    where ever you go,
    and wont hide.

    If i can,
    Oh if i can,
    Baby if i can,
    ill be there to see you anyday.

    Every one,
    Here and around,
    all of them in the ups and the downs.
  20. Caeros


    Jul 24, 2002
    Branford, CT
    A little thing from a ballad-type song I was writing.


    Turn my face away from the sun
    Take a bow, the curtain is drawn
    All my life I've lived in the light
    And now it's time to take a turn away

    Take care of the rain
    Before the grounds break
    My heart is still beating
    And our lives are at stake
    Take care of the rain
    Forget your mistakes
    Now everyone's leaving
    And the tension will break

    It's too late to put the blinders on
    I can't deny all the things I've done wrong
    The sky sprung a leak all my doubt dissapears
    This drought is the way into all that I fear

    In my eyes, the burning red
    All I believe is lost to the dead
    The barren land refuses to break
    And my desire is dead to the world
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