Any med scale tape wounds known to fit fine on a 30" ?

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find a thread on it.

    The only reason I'm mulling this is that there are assorted options for med scale locally (Brooklyn/NYC) but no one has short in stock. If I were to order them I'd go with one of our friendly folks like Jason at fretnation. But I want to slap tape wounds on my tax return SX Ursa III to use sooner than ordered strings would arrive.

    Does the silk end on anyone's med scale tape wound set end up properly enough to use on a 30"? Or will only a Short Scale tw set be the right thing to do?

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    A short scale what? I have short scale basses that:
    - pretty much need short scale strings - and some brand's shorties (like GHS) are verging on being too long;
    - pretty much need medium scale strings (that floating bridge/trapeze tailpiece "Hofner" thing); but, some brand's short scale strings will actually work OK: and
    - pretty much need long scale strings, but one or two brand's medium sets will work - barely..
    All of which is the long way of saying - there's so much variation between basses of a given scale, and so much variation between strings of a given scale, that there really is no "this will work" answer. Best thing to do, is measure the distance from where the ball end of the string attaches to your bass, to the nut. Take that measurement and consult the string length guide sticky posts at the beginning of this forum. They will tell you which strings will work for you, and which ones probably won't. Good hunting, and good luck...:cool:
  3. Depends on the bass and depends on the brand of the tapes.

    What's the actual "winding length" (from ball end to silk) you need for your bass? You can measure the distance on your bass between where the ball end sits and where the string clears the nut. Also from the ball end to the closest tuning post. Ideally, the winding length should be somewhere between the two.

    Some brands' "medium scale" is 34" in winding length, others can be as long as 35.5".
  4. Which specific ones are in stock?
  5. HaphAsSard


    Dec 1, 2013
    I'm surprised that medium scale (32" scale, 34~35.5" thick winding ball-end to taper or silk) string options are easier to find than short scale ones where you live. Instruments in that scale are rared than shorties, and string sets made to fit them don't exactly abound (they may not be less than short-scale products, but definitely don't exceed them as far as number of offerings and online availability).
    Are you sure that by "med" you don't mean "standard", which equals 34" and is more commonly referred to as "long scale" (36.5~38" winding length)?
  6. spigmu


    Mar 25, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    You're probably right, Haph. I probably have blurred my shopping results. Online everyone has long and med, some don't show short, locally in stock are likely longs and not meds.

    In the D'Addarios, which is what I'm aiming for, the only options are big box stores (still can't get used to not being able to hit 48th St and go to Manny's). GC has the shorts when you look the strings up but only by ordering. Meds and longs are in stock near me. If I to order it won't be from a chain, but to satisfy this gnawing self inflicted time sensitivity I'd ask for forgiveness and go down to the GC at Barclay's Center.

    For this SX UrsaIII [​IMG]
    Next step: measure and look up the info in the sticky.
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  7. ek1949


    Feb 19, 2016
    Looking at the distance between the ball end and the saddles on your bridge you want the shorts. I'm also taking into consideration that your bass is 30", not 30.75" like my Starfire bass, which meant I had to special order my Pyramid strings.

    Call the Guitar Shop NYC and see what they have in the way of La Bella short scale tapewounds. I'll bet they have them.