Any MTB Single Speeders out there???

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    Sep 21, 2004
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    Hey guys, I know there are alot of you mountain bikers out there, but are there any single speeders out there? My single speed is a 1999 Specialized frame with a Surly Singleator, Marzocchi Z1, Rhino lite hand built wheelset, and Avid Arch Rival brakes. What do you guys have????
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    May 27, 2005
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    A Raleigh I converted via Surly Singulator. I also put one of those dual sprocket rear hubs on it. One is 18T (for hilly trails) and one is 16T (for mostly flat trails). I use a BMX chain so it never snaps even when I'm honking on the pedals and an extra wide handle bar. Of course it has a rigid fork too :)

    Oh! Suspension :D
  3. I raced single-speed mountain bikes in the early 80's. There was NO ONE doing such a foolish thing back then. I thought I was so cool. When dual-slalom racing came out, I tried to enter my SS. NORBA said not having my chain fall off was an 'unfair advantage' and would not allow me to ride this bike('83 Lawwill-Knight Pro Cruiser w/SE Landing Gear fork: the most unforgivingly RIGID bike ever). I hope I don't sound like the crusty old coot that I am- I was not terribly competitive, & MTB races were much like Grateful Dead shows at the time(hint, hint- cough, hack...), Great fun, though. I still have that bike. It's in pieces, but I need to put something together; I just put my Gemini 900 on ebay to help pay for a new bass. :rolleyes: