Any opinions about Behringer ULTRABASS BX1200?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by voice32, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. voice32


    Mar 20, 2002
    thanks in advance
  2. yeah i'm interested too
  3. bump
  4. I recently purchased this new comer to the bass combo arena. One word - WOW. The thing puts out soo much sound for such a small package. I played it with my orchestra and was able to clearly come through without having to turn it up past 4. Feature wise it is amazing. the EQ sounds great, the dual channel function is great. The feature that really sets it apart is the ULTRABASS. It reproduces the bass sound an octave lower very cleanly and rarely loses tracking of the sound. Very flexible ins/outs (DI, FX loop, RCA tape in and out, Tuner, and Footswitch) 120W into a 12" aluminmum speaker, similar to the Hartke speakers. The only problem is the weight. It's a heavey little tank and the only means of grabbing it is a little handle on the top. I highly recomend a nice set of wheels or anything else you could rest it on to move. That's about it. If you have any other questions, Post them and i'll try to answer as best i can.
  5. yes i have a few more questions.
    a)Is the sound punchy?
    b)Does it work well in a band setting?
    c)How about the shape function?

    I'd like to know because I know a store here where i can get it fairly cheap (new not used)

    EDIT: I just noticed that you already answered question b
  6. carpe doesn't play in a band, he is too cool, and he might wanna fix his profile, unless he has owned jaco.
  7. thanx nick, i must have misread the lines when i wrote that.
  8. The amp is fairly punchy for it's size. I get a pretty crisp sound and it cuts through. The shape knob is kind of like an active tone selection. It pans from a more bassy, growly sound to a bright, Bootsy funk sound.

    As for where to get it, I ordered mine from for 290. I've recieved good service from them in the past, but you also might want to try or I've ordered from all three retailers and would recomend any of them. All of them carry it for 290.
  9. You also might wanna try American Musical Supply ( 3-day standard shipping, I ordered a Hartke HA2000 on wednesday night and got it on saturday morning. And the shipping was free! They have the Behringer ULTRABASS 1200 for $289.98, and you get free 3-day shipping.

    And Ryan, your welcome.
  10. American Music shops etc. are of little use to me because I live in Germany but since Behringer is German it isn't too difficult to get them ;)
  11. ChronicPyromaniac


    Jan 25, 2001
    How is it for rock?
  12. tornadobass

    tornadobass Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Tell us more about the amp. It sounds interesting, but I noticed the power rating was at 20% THD. Most amps are at more like 5% THD or less.

    Does it have the oomph for small gigs, rehearsals, that kind of thing?

  13. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001
    Most amps are rated at less than 1% THD. So in professional amp terms, that would mean quite a bit less than 120 watts, though I'm not sure how much.

    For a powerful amp of that size, I'd recommend the Hartke Kickback 12. It works great for rehearsals and small gigs (of the hard rock kind.) I got mine for $250 used.
  14. You're right about the THD being rather high, but i still feel it has quite a powerful sound regardless. You can tweak this thing till the cows come home and get a million different sounds because of all the different settings (granted it's no SWR Mo' Bass). I bought it so I could easily stand out in a rather large auditorium amoung an orchestra or something like that and, as I've said before, it works.
  15. man i want one of those, i have been trying to get my cows to come back for quite some time and they refuse
  16. I have your cows
  17. What exactly is THD?
  18. THD stands for Total Harmonic Distortion - The ratio of (a) the sum of the powers of all harmonic frequencies above the fundamental frequency to (b) the power of the fundamental frequency. A very in depth explanation can be found here:
  19. tornadobass

    tornadobass Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Iowa City, Iowa
    THD is Total Harmonic Distortion.

    When rating an amp's power, THD is also considered. An easy way to provide a high power rating for an amp is to measure power with a high level of THD. Stereo gear has less than 1% THD at its power rating. Guitar and bass amps have a higher level, part of the character of the sound.

    The Behringer's rating, according to specs I saw somewhere, is 20% THD. Many manufacturers don't give theirs, but I've seen Ampeg use 5% and GK use 1%. Two amps with the same power rating but measured at different THD % will really have different power output.

  20. I looked this up in my manual and the power amp output is 120 Watts @ 20% THD+N into 4 Ohms; 240V~. But the speakers RMS is 120 Watts, so it's a fair match I'd say.
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