Any permanent damage to amp?

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    Jul 9, 2007
    I believe I am a bit paranoid....
    I am continuing the other thread of speaker cable hear, close the other one
    I was using a wrong setup-instrument cable from amp to head
    Nowa friend rem,inded me of one time when he was testing the rig there was a noise (like a horn of a train-not so loud) and a paff sound, the amp turned off....perhaps it was for using the instrument cable...It wasn important for me at that moment, was lucky.....and an instant later the GK was working like before
    Now i am using speaker cable from head to cab and instrument cable from the amp to the compressor. The rig is sounding better than when I was using the bad cable.
    It seems to play normally now through the bass cab, sounds like it always has, but what happened? Did I likely do any permanent damage? Perhaps weaken some components in the amp?
    It worth the time carrying the amp to a sound tech??
    pd:I carried the amp and the cabs to a sound tech after this episode because the hartke cab was making a vibrating sound and he told me all was okay, only I had to adjust the screws
    Thanks, and sorry if I am annoying and tedious
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    Jul 11, 2007
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    Most likely there was no permanent damage to the amp, not even a little - THIS time. The sound the amp made was most likely an oscillation caused by the excessive capacitive load the an instrument cable presents to the amp that made it become unstable. Consider that sound a warning - it might be the last one you hear from that amp if you do this again (before you repair it, that is...)
  3. No need to say you're sorry. Nothing wrong with asking for help. Besides, a little patience on the part of TBers isn't a bad thing. ;)