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Any problems making a 5 String EADGC

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by SolomonHelsing, May 19, 2011.

  1. Currently contemplating retuning my 5 string warmoth up to EADGC instead of BEADG, However i thought i should be a bit cautious of it and ask here first,

    Well my bass is a 34" Scale, I believe, if Scale is from the bridge Saddles where the strings go off them up to the nut, if its from the end of the bridge then itll be 35",

    and the strings currently using are rotosound swing bass 5 string set, however i cant remember if its the 40-125 set or the 45-130 set.

    Theyve been on there for about a year/ year and quarter, and have done some serious down tunings for some cradle of filth learning.

    However i have not tuned this bass up like this as of yet. So anything i should be wary about when doing this?

    Primarily considering this as at the moment i dont get much use out of the B String, and coming from two 4 string basses before it i still throw the odd note on the b string instead of the e string, and such so i was thinking of trying it for a while see how it sounded, and see what use i can make of the C string in place of the B in terms of extra string. . Yes i know changing the tuning wont help with that anymore than taking the fifth string off would.
  2. You would almost definitely need to have the bass set up again and depending on how the bridge is set up you may end up with intonation problems that can't be easily corrected. Give it try. The worst case scenario is your out the cost of a set of sixer strings and have to set it up again to go back to a traditional five with a low B.

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