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Any record Collectors/lovers?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. My friends are really into records. Its finally warn off on me. I just mentioned that im now into collecting records, and people have given me a good amount to start off with. Im old enough to remember records. My first one was the ghostbusters song. Anyways, so Im using my montgomery ward hi fi to play them. Nice vintage tube sound there. Vintage seems to be the prefered way to go to recapture that old sound. Unfortuanlty the needle is getting old. And as i type this i hear my record skipping. The record itself seems clean at least. So ive narrowed it down to the needle. I dont even know were to find one for this player. Its an old hi fi with am radio/record player that lays 78s as well. So id like to hear from you other collectors. Maybe some tips. Places I can get good records. The local store here closed down when the owners died. I had two floors of records to choose from. It was great. My collection includes KISS, Elvis, Pink Floyd, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rolling Stones, Wes Montgomery, Spyro Gyra, Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Bootsy Collins, LTD, Bob Seager, Marvin Gaye the list goes on. Not to bad for a start.
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    www.dustygroove.com still sells vinyl.
    (Mostly R&B & Jazz)

    Can't help you on the stylus; my current turntable(Denon) was bought in the late '80s...I have never replaced the stylus & wouldn't know where to look around town, either.

    My 1st 3 'real' LPs were Santana-Abraxas, Jackson 5-ABC, & Led Zepplein-III...given to me on my 12th birthday back in '70. I still have them, too.

    I have LTD's Togetherness(the album w/ "Holding On", "You Fooled Me", & "Jam")...how 'bout you?
  3. Cool thanks Ill check it out. Well I just put in my Chicago record and its playing great. So i guess its the record. The thing is they dont look that bad. I tried cleaning them. Still little parts like to skip. I used a little soap and water. I read about it on the net. Unfortuantly Im sure that cant be fixed. The LTD record I have is something to love. I havent gotten to it yet. But ill let ya know what I think. I did find a site on the net that sells needles and cartidges. Im not sure what i need though. The owners manual says it has a twin needle cartridge. So Im guessing it needs a cartriage. Now i have to take it off and match it to a picture. Which im sure will involve care.
  4. Skeezix


    Sep 28, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    Well, I still have 5-600 albums. That along with the 5-600 CD's keeps me busy. There are still plenty of places to get LP's as well as turntables. The net is your friend. That and flea markets.
    Spending much time converting LP's to CD.
  5. Thats a nice collection. Im finding alot of stuff on the net now with Vinyl. Cds are great, but im feeling a diffrent vibe with records.
  6. Greg Clinkingbeard

    Greg Clinkingbeard

    Apr 4, 2005
    Kansas City area
    Setup and repair/KRUTZ Strings
    I almost don't know where to start because there are so many variables to good vinyl playback.
    One is the tonearm to cartridge stylus match in terms of resonant frequency and mass. This is both critical and hard to explain.
    Another is the suspension or lack of suspension in the turntable itself.
    The setup of a turntable, arm and cartridge must be done correctly and require a little experience and at least a stylus protractor and stylus pressure gauge to achieve the correct tracking force.

    I would suggest you consider a better turntable.
    Audioassylum.com is a good forum for vinyl and vintage gear.

    Unfortunately, there are too many variables to vinyl playback to just recommend a new cartridge or stylus and expect decent sound. :bag:
  7. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    I'm a vinyl nut. I started collecting when I was in college in Champaign-Urbana. There was a great indy record store in Green Street that sold records for a few dollars a peice. Unfortunatley, the store (and those prices) have since gone the way of the Dodo. I started getting into the 180 and 200 gram Classic Records reissues a few years ago and they're excellent (www.classicrecs.com). :bassist:
  8. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Vinyl records were the most important thing in my life until they "dissapeared". In fact, I resisted to switch to the CD format until I realized that I had to. Many friends were already buying CDs while I still was stuck on LPs. Just for this post, I've just re-counted my collection (I'm sneezing because of that!): 490 LPs (counting double and triple albums as one item), 36 12" singles and and 125 7" singles. Among them I have the whole Kiss collection up to "Revenge", all AC/DC up to "The Razor's Edge", all Beatles and many famous rock and pop albums from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The first one I was given (and still have, of course) is a recording of the multiplying tables sung by some argentinean kids. I learned the tables with that LP.

    Vinyls always exerted an special magic on me. I knew a lot about labels because they were so cool to me and I liked watching the discs spinning on the turntable. I recently posted a thread about the impact that seeing an LP with less than 10 cuts for the first time had on me (it was Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Four Wheel Drive"). I have my Gemini turntable working and have two spare needles. The most common "radiolas", as those tube appliances within a big wood cabinet were called in Spanish, were those ones with a Garrard turntable; but I will never forget that Philips that my grandfathers had because the turntable was so special. I don't know how to describe it, but it was totally different to those so common Garrard ones. I'd love to have one.

    Still consider my LP collection my most preciated treasure. It's a shame that technology put vinyls aside, but the digital perfection will never replace the magic of that good old scratch.
  9. My guess is that this hi fi was great in its day. Like isaid its all tubes and can play 13,33,45, and 78s. A decent eq. And a 15" speaker. I know about the adjustments your talking about. Unfortunatle there is no way to adjust this one as far as I know. My friends are djs and they have great turntables. Which is were i learned about the adjustments. For now im going to appreciate the great sound I get out of this. The book says its from 57. Thanks for the info.
  10. Alvaro,
    I wouldnt say records have gone to far to the wayside. Every DJ that I know only spins records. Techno, vintage whatever. I go to open table nights and all i see is tons and tons of vinyl. Im prob goign to spin some stuff tomarrow. Its vinatage night. Wensday is techno night. I uh cant do that yet:). Oh and JIMK im really digging this LTD album!!!
  11. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Oh, of course! I mean, in the past, all you saw in record stores were lots of vinyls. I don't know a single record store that sells vinyls in my town nowadays. There's one that has an small section for old LPs, but never found interesting stuff there.

    I've just remembered that I can proudly say that I bought the very first copy (among those which arrived to my town, I mean) of a great album: AC/DC's "Back In Black". (Phone call) "Hey! Do you have AC/DC's Back In Black?" "No. That's brand new and it's supposed to arrive next Friday afternoon". I went to the store around 2:30 P.M. and the guy who brought the box with the order arrived around 4:00 P.M.. The store owner opened the box and there it was, the first of the bunch. I used to put my name and date on LPs at that time. I bought "Back In Black" on Nov. 28/80 (it was a Friday!).

    The same story happened with the first B-52's LP, but maybe I'm wrong about being the first one who bought it here (I'm convinced of that) because it was released on July/79 and I bought it on Sept. 29/80. Foreign music arrived later here (of course) but not so late. The only time I remember in which distribution problems appeared here was around 86-87. U2 fans were desperate because couldn't get "Rattle And Hum" and I bought R.E.M's "Out Of Time" out of time.
  12. canopener


    Sep 15, 2003
    Isle of Lucy
    I'd like to start a record collection...perhaps I already have with a Euro-released Bowie compilation and Caress of Steel from Rush. I'd really like a good, working record player before I get anymore, though.

    I've seen several record collections that I couldn't even imagine taking the time to put together. Although I don't think it would be hard to do in 40-some years.

    How many of you listen to them regularly, and not worry about them wearing out?
  13. oddly enough circuity city sells record players here. A decent one will run around 100.00USD. Ehh a little over priced if you ask me. All it is a simpple record player. Nothing fancy. Yet you can get a CD player for alot less. Ahh well. IM not to afraid of wairing them out. I dont have anything really collectible. I belive, same as vintage guitars and basses, that they were meant to be played. So i playem. My most treaured LP is Jacos first album. I bought it off ebay a while back. It was brand new. Still in the wrapping. I play this one the most for obvious reasons. Couriosity got the best of me and i did a search for a record press. Oh about a good grand I belive.
  14. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Cool. LTD was a great R&B band.

    Last count for me was 2500+ LPs...maybe 3k CDs. I went nutz with the cd-buying when I finally got online back in '99. All this great stuff the local stores couldn't/wouldn't stock was now at my fingertips & 3-5 days away!

    Couple of highlights that have not made it onto cd-

    Steve Khan/Eyewitness Band--Blades. It's live...was issued in Japan under the Modern Times title(Steps Ahead had just released an album out with the same name, hence, the name change in the US).

    Quincy Jones--I Heard That!. TMK, the only recording with "Midnight Soul Patrol"...this instrumenat track has 3 bassists(Louis Johnson, Alphonso Johnson, & Stanley Clarke). God, I remember seeing my best friend's older brother's band covering this tune back in '77 or '78.

    Heatwave--Hot Property. I love this album...I had pretty much worn my copy down to nuthin. Couple years back, a co-worker unloads, under direction from his new bride, all of his/hers vinyl onto me. Lo & behold, she had Hot Property, too. I'm guessing we were the only two people in Va. Beach that actually bought that record. Her copy was in better condition than mine, too!

    ...also in my co-worker's collection was Sugarloaf's debut album. I had always wanted to hear more from the band that did "Green-Eyed Lady"...well, that was the best tune on that album.
  15. Greg Clinkingbeard

    Greg Clinkingbeard

    Apr 4, 2005
    Kansas City area
    Setup and repair/KRUTZ Strings
    I started collecting records over 20 years ago and still am thrilled with the sound quality and fun from these garage sale treasures. There is still alot of music out there and for a buck or two it's worth a gamble to hear something new.
    The point with my earlier post wasn't to put down your system. I'm sure it is capable or playing music for you. Just keep in mind that for as little as $200 in the used market, you can get set up with something (TT, arm, cartridge)that may make you forget CD's and not harm your records in the process. You may not be ready now, but don't waste your money on a $100 new TT. A good used belt drive unit would be much, much better.
    I need to buy a CD player one of these days so I can play them in the house........... :bag:
  16. Yeah I plan on getting a better one. Belt drive is good but if I remember correctly I was told to get a direct drive. A friend of mine is hard core when it comes to vintage. He does have a sweet record player, but from time to time he uses his old one. He has an old reciver. Running from there are two seperate vintage tube amps, no cover. Powering two gigantic vintage monitors. I belive each cab has two 12" speackers the top one has a horn coming out of it. Each cabinet is ported so that the bass has a head start in front of the highs. I heard this system at full power last night. Amazing doesnt even come close.
  17. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Thanks to all the "scratching" going on a while back. Cartridges are available again in greater supply. They still aren't cheap, but you can find them.

    I still buy records to round out the audio collection. CD's get too expensive. Plus, I mine records to learn tunes in the band. The 'audiophile' part of me is still lurking. But it takes time to sit there, veg out, and take a recording all in.
  18. georgestrings

    georgestrings Banned

    Nov 5, 2005
    Yeah, I stil have about 600 albums, most of them in nice condition - and a good turntable with a nice cartridge and stylus... One of the things I like to do from time to time, is A/B a good album with the same material on CD - it often amazes people that vinyl will usually sound better...

    - georgestrings