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Any Roland JC-120 owners here?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by lunarpollen, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Or anyone very familiar with their peculiarities?

    One of these amps just recently joined my "family"... I've only had a small amount of hands-on experience with them over the years, and always wanted one. Now I have one (a 1979, i think), and mine seems to have a phase issue or something...

    Question: When you're plugged into channel 2, and you have the vibrato on, but you turn down the rate and depth all the way, how does the sound compare to when the effect is turned off, volumewise and EQ-wise?

    When I plug into channel 1, or into channel 2 with the vibrato/chorus switch in the off position, I get a very thin, relatively quiet sound, and the mid and bass controls don't really add much. When I switch on the vibrato or chorus, the sound fills out considerably (I don't mean that in the effected sense, but volume/tonewise). It gets quite a bit louder and the bottom fills out. When I have the vibrato on but have the depth and rate down to zero, it sounds a lot more like what I'd expect it to sound like through channel 1 or through channel 2 with the effects off. When I switch the effects off, the sound gets much thinner and quieter, it almost sounds like there's a phase issue where a lot of the lows are being cancelled out.

    Does this sound like something easy to fix? Like just reversing two wires or something?
  2. Nevermind... Just for the hell of it, to see if it was a phase issue, I reversed the leads on one of the speakers. The sound suddenly was full-bodied and robust. I switched on the chorus/vibrato, expecting that to now sound thin and hollow, and lo and behold it was still the full sound. So problem solved!!

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