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Any scanner heads here?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Vince S., Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Vince S.

    Vince S. Resident Former Bassist

    Jan 24, 2003
    Is anyone here interested in radio scanners and the hobby of scanning? I have a Uniden BC350C that I bought to listen to the police/fire/EMS in my town. I was GAS'ing for a new radio, and tonight I just placed an order for a Radioshack Pro 83. I wanted a portable since the uniden is a base scanner, and once I get my EMT certification and start riding, it may come in handy there as well.

    I was looking at the Pro 95, but I don't feel I need the trunking feature since I always end up listening to my town and nearby towns, who are all on VHF or UHF repeaterized systems. The only trunked agency I'd like to monitor is the CT State Police, but they're on a digital trunked system, and digital trunked scanners cost in the 500-800 dollar range.