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Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Lhabia Looney, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. Hey, I've been playing bass since this last christmas and I wanna start playin in a band with my friends. Right now I pretty much have a starter kit type thing going. I have this small 8" p.o.s. and I need to be able to be heard over drums and guitar. I was wondering what would be a good amp to be looking into. I'm going to have around 500 bucks sumed up for a new one. I don't really know what would be good enough to be heard over the drums/guitar. I also would want to make a nice investment for the future because I plan on doing some small gigs at the local place down the street. I would just like some suggestions. Anything would be appreciated.
  2. icks


    Jul 12, 2001
    Charleroi, Belgium
    It depends on what music you play, and what type of sound you want ...

    For gigs in small venues and be able to hear you over the drums and the guitars, I'll recommand at least 200W, or 100 tubes watts.

    Look for a huge combo, or a setup cab/head.

    here are some goodbrand: Ampeg, swr, eden, fender, roland, peavey, aguilar, hartke ...
  3. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    Used Peavey combo. Well made, so buying used is safer, plenty loud for the buck.
  4. I'd have to say stear clear of Fender amps... I plugged a hartke 3500 into a Fender bassman 15 extension cab and I heard nothing but speaker rattle. Unwanted distortion, trust me, fenders make good basses and guitars and good guitar amps, but their bass amps will NOT handle a low B string and if you want a good investment, get something that can handle a five string bass, because sooner or later you may have the urge to get a 5. Speaking into the future I may be, but it's not a great investment if your amp 'bottoms out'.

    That said, I'd reccomend finding a good combo amp. You'll have a hard time finding even used gear that will cut it for less than $500 for a head cab configuration (where the amp is separate from the speakers). I dunno, a Hartke kickback 15 will push 120 watts into a 15" speaker. It will be efficient enough for competing with a drummer and guitarist. It can be heard well at my school's jazz ensemble which can be pretty loud sometimes. The drummer is pretty loud and with all the horns practically blowing their tongues off in the latin charts the hartke holds up well... We usually turn the hartke up to 3 at rehearsals and sometimes asked to turn down. However I'd have to reccomend you getting a 15" speaker if you get a combo amp. If you don't you'll have a hard time being heard. Plus, that hartke kickback I explained also has a Direct Out for going into the PA system for when a single bass amp won't be enough to project into the audience. Most bigger places have a PA system that you can plug into. The hartke also can kickback as a stage monitor for when you are DO'd into the PA system. Nice little amp. Handles a 5 string VERY well... That will run you $529, but I'm sure you can get $30 off if you tell the sales person that you like this amp, but only have $500 on you. Thats how I got my latest bass. It was originally $589, and I needed a gig bag for it so I told him I really needed a gigbag for it and I only had $615 with me, so I got a 'little' bargain. The case was a $40 case. Most sales people are lenient if you say things like, "please and thank you" and act like they appreciate what your doing, they will often cut prices down a little bit for you. After all, they want you to come back to them for future purposes.

    Other amps other than my famous hartke's that I love so much:):
    -Gallien Krueger 400rbIII 2x10 combo (used)
    -Peavey TNT115 or microbass combo.
    -Yorkville (http://www.yorkville.com)

    Stay away from rogue. They look like a bang for the buck often with sufficient power over 100 watts, but they are ****ty. Youll be hurting yourself with a rogue.
    basically you get what you pay for.

    If you want a loud setup, check out ebay for some head cab conigurations.
  5. Ive been looking for some good advice like that. But yesterday I went to guitar center and I was checkin out the used stuff, and talking to the salesman for about an hour. I picked up a used Schecter Elite 4 bass and it was like brand new. They had just got it in that day. So I talked to the salesman about money problems and I got it off him for 500 even with a hardshell case. Its really nice. So now I have to save for a couple weeks. He said if I came back he would hook me up with a nice deal on some used amps. I'll take your advice while looking though. Thanks.
  6. 500 used? Damn, I think you got ripped off. I got my 5 string Schecter Stilleto Elite 5 string bass for $600 NEW with a gig bag... Nice bass, but 500 dollars for that bass USED as a FOUR string should be no more than $450. But maybe because you got a hardshell case which are usually on the more expensive side of cases. my SKB for my fender costed me $90:eek:... AND the lock on it was cheap, someone pried into it on the bus because they wanted to see my bass:rolleyes:...

    But yeah, those schecters are really nice, and still 500 for that bass is a great deal... Im very satisfied with mine. Got any pics?

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