Any TBers Play Violin?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by BassGod, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. BassGod


    Jan 21, 2004
    I finally have a job, and I was hoping to save up and buy a violin. I've never played one, and know nothing about 'em, I'd just really like to learn, as I love the sound of the instrument. So I need to know a few thing from you TB violinists. For example:

    • What do I need besides the violin, bow, rosin, and case to get me started?
    • What are some respectable manufacturers? (Ex: Who is the Fodera of violins? Who is the Squier?
    • About how much is a mid level violin (with every necessary accessory) gonna run me?
    • Is it possible to be self-taught? (That's my working plan)
    • What are some really basic tips/practices you could lend a begginer?

    Anything else I should know? Feel free to share your experiences, or if you're like me, ask more questions!

    Graeme :bassist: