Any Vets Present?

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  1. hey guys...I know how you hate when this forum is used for this type of's an emergency

    Does anyone know how to help my hamsteR? anyone know what I can do to make him feel better?

    He was fine earlier today,and ever since I've came back from my friends house,he's been acting wierd.


    -keeps on laying down in different spots,when he has a little bed area that he ALWAYS sleeps in

    -usually...he is asleep by now,but he is wide awake.

    -his eyes are half-open like he is sleepy,but he is breathing pretty heavily,earlier...I saw him lay on his side:(

    :eek: Right now he is laying on his side w/ his eyes closed,on the 2nd floor...where there is no tissues or bedding,so all it is the floor!:(

    someone please help me out...he's scaring me to death...I love the little guy!:bawl:

  2. Now he just hopped off the 2nd floor,ran around the cage a bit and then ploped on his back in his little bed thing where these is tissues.


  3. he is on the 2nd floor sleeping,somewhat...he is still breathing heavily:(

    I hope he is ok

  4. Hows about taking him to a vet?

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    Apr 9, 2001
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  6. Is he masturbating? :D
    sorry Jon, hope your boy gets better soon :(
  7. Thank you guys for your concern...

    and actually,Mart...I thought he was,so I gave him privacy,but he was just laying there:(

    So,he slept on the 2nd floor type thing...and he slept there for the rest of the night,and I woke up today,and he is in his bed,and he just got a drink of water not to long I think he is fine:)

    I think a girl hamster just broke his heart or something:meh:

    He's mah buddy!
  8. He was prolly just wackin it when you werent lookin and playin sick to get some privacy...seems like somethin my bro would do...


    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    hope he's ok man, i know i would be freakin out too if my ferret ever did anything like that!
  10. i think your hamster has metapause.
  11.'s a dude:)

    he's doing better:)



    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    maybe he really was just *needing a little privacy" :smug:
  13. what the hell his metapause?

    Sure you dont mean Menopause......

    or Men-On-Pause as i like to put it.. when a woman slowly becomes a man......


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    People who are afraid for their pets like that will probably make good parents.....unless you walk in on them...:eek: