anybody else never use the bridge pickup on a jazz bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by corinpills, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    I just always turn that all the way off and use the neck pickup with tone rolled back. I really should just use a p bass instead, but I'm quite fond of my Noel Redding J Bass.

    Technically, is there a difference between the way I set mine and the split pickup on a p bass?
  2. RaginRog

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Formerly Staten Island
    I always use's what gives the bass its grit imo.
  3. I'm sure someone on here will tell us the technical sounds "like" a p-bass split coil...but whatever works for you. I tend to roll off the bridge pup 10% or so.
  4. Thorsoundcore


    Jan 22, 2009
    bridge jazz pickups always sound really bad and thin when soloed from my experience. but with the neck it sounds great, even better than the P tone with the neck soloed. you probably should have gotten P; idk the technical, but tonally it is the same to my ears.
  5. Jeff K

    Jeff K Supporting Member

    Jul 9, 2005
    Memphis, TN
    For many years, I would dime the neck pickup and have the bridge pickup at 80 or 90%. But for the last year or so, I've been liking the tone I get when I dime both of them.
  6. pbass888

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    Jul 8, 2009
    I didnt use the back 'stock' pup.. Now that I have 3 jazzes with duncans ,I use both and blend to taste. Pups are a huge game changer, I found there is no one solution for all bases. My 66 has vintage, my 96 strung through has sd-2 and the 74 is rewound by Duncan.,and man they sound so much better than stock...ymmv etc etc.
  7. onestring


    Aug 25, 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I can't say I "never" use the bridge pickup on my jazz. But I can say almost never.

    Neck pickup soloed plus flats gives something very close to the bass sound on "Band on the Run", which is one of my fave tones. I get a little bit of hum but it's usually not worth worrying about considering how awesome it sounds.

    If I ever do a new custom build, it would be a J with no bridge pickup. That would be awesome!
  8. guroove


    Oct 13, 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    I say play how you like to. Personally, 85% of the time, I have both pickups dimed. 10% of the time, I turn the bridge pickup down just enough to make the bass howl like a P-bass. The other 5% of the time, I do the same thing with the neck pickup just enough to give it a hint of bridge pickup quack. Percentages are approximate.
  9. JonKim


    Nov 15, 2011
    I usually have the bridge pickup louder that the neck pickup
  10. apkbass

    apkbass Guest

    Feb 26, 2012
    +1. I think it just has to be there. I just roll the bridge pup off a little so i don't get too much growl but i get a satisfying bite. I wanna get a "rarrr" not a "ROOOOAAAAARRRR!"

    ...if you know what I mean
  11. I guess I'm on the opposite side of the fence: I love the bridge pup soloed on a jazz.
  12. apkbass

    apkbass Guest

    Feb 26, 2012
    Well it all depends on what type of music you are playing.
  13. It doesn't sound like a P bass - sounds MUCH better IMO!!

    I always have the neck pickup up full, and blend the bridge pickup to taste - sometimes fully off, sometimes fully on, mostly somewhere in the middle.
  14. Snuggles

    Snuggles Guest

    When I'm playing, I fiddle with my knobs quite a lot. I'd say that my most common setting is the neck dimed and the bridge about 90%. I find that a very slight reduction in the bridge volume allows the tone of the neck pickup to really come through, while maintaining some nice clarity. For jazz stuff, if I'm playing electric, I often solo my neck pickup. If I start playing hard in any show (usually because I'm getting really in to it), my hand gravitates towards the bridge, and I usually end up diming both pickups when I do that. If I have the tone control completely rolled off, I sometimes like to dime the bridge pickup and let the neck sit back a bit. I love that smooth growl. It doesn't cut through too well though, so I usually only use that setting for sparsely-populated songs.
  15. I hate bridge pickups, so no, I rarely use it.
  16. BassPlayer900

    BassPlayer900 Guest

    Oct 19, 2011
    I have tried it before. The sound is cool. I don't like going without the bridge pickup all the time though. I prefer leaving the neck pickup on full, but without the bridge pickup, it doesn't have enough edge to the tone (for me anyway). So I dial it in just enough to add growl. I don't like soloing the bridge pickup or making it louder than the neck pickup, but I still like it.