Anybody familiar with Samick guitars?

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    I have a student who has a guitar that he knows nothing about, he is thinking of selling it. I don't really know guitars so I figured I would try here and see if anybody recognizes it. My student feels its an expensive axe and was expecting $400 on the used market. I just know Samick is generally a budget brand, so I told him not to get his hopes up.

    I had him send some pictures. Does anybody know the model? Retail cost? Used value? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. All I know is it is a Samick Artist series six-string.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    samick makes guitars for a number of brands, and they've done so for years. i heard about them before they started releasing under their own label, but now they're fairly well known. generally their own stuff is pretty good quality, probably because they've had a lot of experience making squiers and epiphones over the years.

    that being said, they're not expensive new so don't sell for as much as more expensive guitars.

    is this more or less the guitar in question? there are a lot of them.
    SOLD - FS: Samick Artist Series Neck Through 6-string |

    here are all recent sold ebay listings when doing a search for samick artist
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  3. Samick is a big company.....
  4. Samick makes various lines of affordable guitars. With a bolt on neck, that guitar might have been $2-300 new. I will look around but he'd probably have a tough time finding a buyer at $200.

    Music Go Round is selling a nice looking Samick Artist Series 5 String bass for under $140, if that tells you anything...

    Used SAMICK ARTIST SERIES BASS 5 ST | Bass Guitars | Music Go Round Littleton
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    My first guitar was a Samick. Cheesy machine heads & a plastic nut. I got it used for $100, tiny practice amp included.
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    Wow, I bought that same six string bass at a pawn shop for 200.00, with the intention of replacing all the hardware and electronics. The body is a thing of beauty, and it beats paying 1,000 for a name brand 6 string and finding out that 6 strings are not for me. The body is a great canvas for a complete rebuild, if I ever get around to that project.