Anybody got a Nemesis N12S ?

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  1. These look really cool for a five string player. Curious as to whether or not it would be overpowered by a fairly loud drummer. This would be a 2nd/practice amp to my GBE600 2x12 Genz Benz to be used primarily for small jams and a home practice amp. If anyone has run one of these small Nemesis combos with an ext cab and tried to gig with it I'd definitely be interested in any feedback.
    Found one for $380 shipped. Anybody find one cheaper?
  2. Okay, see how ya'are.
  3. Okay has anyone played through one?
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    I tried one out Wed eve at practice. I was down one guitar player (we have two total but one was sick). We play a mix of classic and modern rock. Everything from Skynard to Incubus and everything in between. We practice in a fairly small room (prob 12' x 20'). The N12S could not keep up at anything more than a moderate volume. It simply ran out of juice. I had to use the DI on the back to go into our PA to bring it up to practice volume levels. It may work for jazz, but for rock, forget about it. Oh, the speaker was farting and buzzing at higher levels too. I took it back to my local Eden dealer yesterday and told him thanks but no thanks. I'm back to using my Nemesis NA650 with a Aguilar 2x10 under it for practice which works like a champ! If you still decide that you want the N12S, I know where you can get one for just over $300 shipped (the one that I tried), so PM me, but again, I say steer clear. The NC amd NA series is MUCH better than the Silver Series stuff!
  5. Thanks,
    It would really be more of a practice amp at this point. Were you playing a 5 string? Do you think it would handle lo B at a reasonable volume?
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    I did hook up my 5 string which I actually keep tuned a half step down, so I was even lower than standard 5 string tuning. It worked fine. I have to say that nailing an open note on the low B string was a little weak, but C and above was damn good with the exception of the overall output volume as noted above. I feel it's a great amp for solo practice or if your are in a low to moderate volume jazz group or even if you have very good PA support, but beyond that, steer clear. The DI was clean though, so props for that!
  7. Dude,
    Thanks for the info, still mullin it over. Really appreciate it!!!