Anybody Have Experience With SPB-2 Hot P?

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  1. Does anybody have experience with the Seymour Duncan SPB-2 Hot P-Bass pickups?

    I'm curious about thump, and tone differences from stock, or compared to other pickups.
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    I have one in an old Washburn. This bass has the pup about 5/8" closer to the bridge than a Fender, but it still gives good thump and fat mids. I've got Fender flats on this bass right now, and the SPB-2 really brings out the positive characteristics of these strings. The highs from the Hot are very "smooth" i.e., somewhat rolled-off.

    In short, you get a solid, thick tone, without loss of definition.
  3. Much obliged.

    I'm thinking about either the Bill Lawrence P-46 or the SD Hot P for my MIM P-bass. Also thinking about stringing it as B-E-A-D with TI Jazz Flats.

    I want the maximum thump I can get out of it. This is my first P-bass, but I'm thinking the MIM pickup might be a bit on the anemic side.
  4. It is the best P-bass pickup i've ever heard.....fat as hell, punchy and loud, records well, and doesn't have the f---ing annoying highs of the quarterpound, which is dirty, agressive, loud with way too "scooped" an EQ.
  5. Has anybody done a pull/push comparison between their old P and the SD Hot P on the same bass?
  6. Hey bgavin,

    My best buddy is a technician/luthier at a local shop. He put one in a '71 P-bass. I was hanging out there at the time. It sounded good before, but when we plugged it in with the Hot P it came alive. I owned an almost identical 71 and put an EMG in it and then a diMarzio. The Hot P sounded way better than either of them. I think it's the best P pickup I've ever heard! It still sounded like a P- bass but, how to say this,..... uh more like a P-bass. It was real thick, even across the strings, punchy, with just the right amount of aggressiveness in the upper mids. Loads of output, and loads of that naturally chorus-y P-Bass tone! If I buy another P-Bass, it will have one of those. I've ordered SJB-2's for my jazz on spec that they'll do the same thing for it. I also ordered the 5-String MM style pickup to go in my Stingray 5.....
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    Sep 9, 2000
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    I had a MIJ P that I tried the SPB-2, SPB-3, EMG-P, Antiquities, and Am. Std. pups in. Didn't exactly a/b them, but here are my impressions (in this particular bass):

    SPB-2 was thick and well-defined, without the harsh top of the SPB-3

    SPB-3 had deep lows, average mids, and harsh top - lots of output

    EMG-P had absolutely thunderous lows, clean top without harshness, but just a tad nasal with flats.

    Antiquities was noisy, and didn't have the lows I was looking for. Clean highs, though.

    The American Standard/American Series pickup is more "balanced" than the others, IMO, but doesn't do what the SPB-2 does. Still, it's probably going to stay in my American Standard (I don't have that MIJ anymore).

    The MIJ tended a bit toward muddiness, but the SPB-2 didn't encourage this, even with it's tone profile of fat lows and mids.

    I'm working on a Franken-P, and it'll have either the SPB-2 or the EMG. Both are excellent.

    For flatwounds, I'd recommend either the stock MIA pickup or the SPB-2.

    Oh, and cool website BTW.
  8. I figured there was somebody out there with real hands-on experience. Much obliged. The SPB-2 Hot P looks like the ticket for me also.

    One of the guys on another board installed the Bill Lawrence P-46 and said he thought it to be very similar to the SPB-2, but couldn't compare. I got a quote back from BL about how he doesn't design his pickups to sound like anybody elses', and his is a balance between the old P single coil and early 60's J bass... I can't tell if that means it no longer sounds like a P or not, and I don't want to take the chance.

    There's a used SPB-2 on eBay right now, but reserve is not met, and already above $30. I'll watch it for a few days, and probably wind up buying a new one from John Wymore (Black Rose Customs).

    I intend on using the P with TI Jazz Flats, and want it to seriously thump and cut through a loud band.

    Question: does anybody know why the split-P pickups are installed at that severe angle where they are high under the A-D strings, and low under the outside strings?

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    Glad you like the web site. No advertising, no snooping, no cookies. I own the servers and keep all that stuff out there for the benefit of the community at large. Eventually I want to have a series of accurate MP3 of various string sounds, and pickup sounds for bass.
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    Several years ago, Bass Player popped the various Basslines in a 73 Precis and compared them with the original and against each other.

    Long story, short, the Antiquity and the Hot P came out on top. They describled the Hot P as, "sweet, balanced, and ballsy." It scored 5 out of a possible 5 for Warmth and Sound, and 4's for Clarity, Output, and String Balance. String Balance was the only category where they rated the Antiquity higher.

    Detail on the Hot P - "We heard more output, spunk, and more impact than we did from the Antiquity.....(its) dynamic presence brings a bass up front - notes project better and slapping styles cut...a fat-sounding pickup with the right amount of bite...isn't as super-loud as the name might imply...falls somewhere between mellow-vintage and scorching."
  10. Yeah, I have a copy of that review. Too bad it wasn't nearly as comprehensive as their later J pickup shootout. I transcribed that one entirely and put all the data into my spreadsheet. The new one didn't have anything on P pickups. Too bad.

    I've been waffling between the Hot P and the Bill Lawrence P-46, and favoring the Hot P. Reason is, I got a quote from BL who states he doesn't make his pickups to sound like anybody else's, and his sounds midway between the single coil P and an early 60's J.

    The last damn thing I want in a P bass, is more of that nasal J tone. I'm probably reading way more into this than actually exists, but it bugs me anyway. I want to boost my MIM P up to maximum P tone, not a hybrid. I figure the MIM pickup is kind of anemic as a cost cutting measure, and to eliminate direct tone competition with the American made models. No sense in producing a model for a third of the price, if it has the same tone as the expensive model.
  11. I ordered a Hot P SPB-2 from John Wymore at Black Rose Customs yesterday. It is shipping today, and I will install it after this Thursday's gig.

    I'll leave the existing strings and bridge as-is to see if there is a noticeable difference. If I can get it to work correctly, I'll feed my SWR DI into my soundcard and record the Before and After sounds.
  12. I added a bunch of SD and DiMarzio numbering info to the PICKUPS tab of my spread sheet. I tried to correlate the SD tone chart graphics with a 1 to 10 numbering scheme as used by DiMarzio. I think I got pretty close.

    Bass-Mid-Treble numbers are:

    SD Vintage P = 5-5-7 (1957 original split-p)
    SD Hot P = 7-5-5
    SQ Qtr Pound P = 8-5-6
    DiMarzio P = 7-7-5
    DiMarzio Split P = 8-5-6
    DiMarzio Will Power Middle = 8-8-5

    It looks like the SD Quarter pound and DiMarzio Split P are similar. The Will Power Middle looks thicker than the SD Hot P, and with more output.

    My SD Hot P is all ready to go into my MIM P as soon as the fancy white pearl pick guard arrives from an eBay seller. I'm hoping there is a big improvment.
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    I'm not sure if you guys are still watching this post, but I just got some SPB-2's into my P and I'm planning on posting clips soon.

    My initial impression is that they are not very different then the stock pups.

    I'll post a new thread soon with recordings of both the stock and SPB-2 pups.
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    I'd love to hear that recording if it's still around somewhere :p
  15. The tone chart is good but the Will Power and Model P are actually brighter than the others with the exception of the Quarter Pound (on par). I liked the SPB2 but it's not as bright as Dimarzio which I favor. SPB2 has killer mids and good low end but the highs are a but rolled off.