Anybody Here Wanna Install Adj Bridge Wheels?

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  1. I have a nicely cut / fitted brand-new fixed-height French maple bridge on one of my basses but there are times I wish I could crank the strings up a tad. Any of you luthier types do this kinda work if I remove the bridge and ship it to you? Luthiers in MT are few and far between. You can PM me if you don't want to post in public. What's the time-frame ? .... I need this bass back in action ASAP.

    I trust myself to adjust the endpin :D , fit a Rev II to my bridge wing, change strings, and wipe drool off the side ..... but NOT to correctly and squarely install wheels for an adjustable bridge. Can "wafers" be cut out of the current bridge legs and adj wheels be installed without starting over (re-shaping, re-slotting, etc.) on the outboard / string-side of the bridge? My current string height is the lowest I would ever want. Help Anyone?
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