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Anybody in the San Diego area?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [DB]' started by Flatbass11, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Flatbass11

    Flatbass11 Supporting Member

    May 29, 2001
    Medford, MA
    I'm thinking about moving from Boston to just north of San Diego (Job, weather, schools, etc..)

    What's the scene like there? I'm currently playing in a German style cabaret band that's fun to do but by no means is that what I want to necessarily persue. How's the jazz scene? What are the trade publications? What are the best venue's to play or go see a band? Rehearsal spaces?

  2. Hey...I am in north Sandy eggO county...I live in Vista the climatic wonderland of the world..Vista is said to have the best weather on the planet . really! Anything will grow here..Nothings happening here as far a music go's. The Jazz in Socal sucks...in fact the whole music scene in SD reeks....The surf is good and that's all I care about mostly....when you get here pic-up a copy of the San Diego Reader and see whats happening....
  3. Flatbass11

    Flatbass11 Supporting Member

    May 29, 2001
    Medford, MA
    Your just trying to keep all the good gigs to yourself, aren't you ;)

    Seriously, is it that bad? From what I'm getting online there seems to be quite a few venues for rock, is there anything for jazz? cabaret? oddball stuff?
  4. I lived there for 6 months. The music scene really does suck. The city is also kind of dead. However, I will move there again one day. I love everything else about it!

    North of San Diego is the place to be. Encinitas is a great location and all things considered, including price, probably my favorite. Things get much cheaper when you get farther north to Oceanside, Vista, etc.
  5. I moved to No. San DIego from Los Angeles about 12 years ago (Oceanside). It is an adjustment to say the least. But I have found the music scene is really what you make it. There are lot's of venues to play, especially now with all the Casino's popping up. Just 30 minutes north is Downtown Disney with lot's of venues to play.
    Loads of Blues clubs and jam nights in San DIego.
    Good Jazz jam every Tuesday at The Onyx Room. Humphreys Lounge can be a good Jazz venue. Croce's (owned by Jim Croce's widow) is great for Jazz. Dizzy's is good too.
    Lot's of Rock N' Roll venues as well (where you'll find me). The Casbah and Soma are great for Alterno music.
    I've also found that it's fairly easy to get on the Local T.V. morning news shows. They love to feature local talent.
    Nathan East is from here, and his Brother plays around town.
    Look me up when you hit the beach!