anybody know anyhing about fodera's soapbar pickups

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  1. it seems as almost every newer fodera with soaps i see has the seymour duncan dual coils. but, there's one on ebay right now that says it has fodera custom shop dual coils. on aero's site it says they make pickups for fodera. are those it? if anybody's played them, are there any significant tone differences between them? i played the fretless with lane poors at the bass exchange last week and wasnt too impressed(i ended up buying a used fretless f bass this week) but, im looking to pick up a used fretted 5 in the future and the ones with the dual coil pickups look interesting. any input would be much appreciated!
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    Jun 10, 2001
    I played a Fodera with Seymore dual coil pu's and it was OK. It sounded slightly rounder than a Ken Smith. That was only because the neck pu was closer to the fingerboard than it is on a Smith. I heard nothing special. How do you like the F Bass? I have a friend who has several and I think they are the best basses out there. Their pu's and preamp are really good. My friend has a fretless and it has the best tone I've heard.
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    The Fodera Custom Shop Dual Coils are just that. You can get custom pickups that Seymore Duncan makes for them or custom pickups that Aero makes for them. Also these custom pickups also come with wood covers.

    I have a set of custom dual coil Aero pickups in my Custom Zon. I love them. I am able to switch from dual to single coil. You cant get a better pickup I think.

    go out and try every pickup possible. Everyone has their own taste in basses, pickups, amps and so on. Find what you like...but if it was up to me I would get the Aero pickups.

    I am getting a second set for my other Zon. They will be single coil. I like them that much