Anybody Know Anything About Warwick Necks?

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Can anyone describe the neck on a 2004 Warwick Corvette 5 string, a 2000 Warwick FNA Corvette 5 string, and a 2001 Warwick Thumb Neck Thru 5 string? Basically, I am wanting to know about the string spacing, nut width, and thickness (depth) of the neck. I keep reading that newer Warwick necks are like baseball bats but the older ones are much slimmer. What years were they the slimmer profile? What other bass necks would you compare them to? I'm thinking about buying one of the ones I listed but I can't play them first. I play a MM Sterling 4 string and love the slim neck. I know a 5 will be wider but I am hoping the spacing is comparable. This will be my first 5 string. If anyone has any other recommendations, please let me hear them. I'm not locked into the Warwick and would love some suggestions to some other companies that may make a nice 5 with a smaller neck. Thanx everyone
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    There made of wood! :p

    Unfortunately the only contribution I can make is that not long ago a played a used 5 String Thumb, don't know exact year, looked pretty worn though. Its neck was a beastly size but is was flat along the back in the perfect thumb position. Despite being the the largest neck I've ever seen it was still easier to play than most Fender P's I've tried out.
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    I believe Warwick takes used baseball bats, cuts them in half, and uses that for 2 necks...

    I might be mistaken... :bag:
  4. As middy and sweet as an '07/'08 'vette sounds, he's right. I've heard better things about ovangkol necks though. I've never played one tho
  5. Warwick has 3 neck depths: standard, slim and extra-slim.

    Before 2000 or so, they used the slim neck profile for most basses.
    Circa 2000-2011, the "standard" size was used on most basses.
    In 2012, they switched back to slim as their standard neck profile.

    Extra-slim is only available on custom shop warwicks.

    "Slim" is basically a jazz neck profile; "Standard" is closer to a P. I've played all the neck depths and I prefer standard.
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    I don't know about the time line, but I have read in other posts on Talkbass that their necks are slimmer than they used to be.

    All of the ones I tried out some years ago were very "round". I don't know if that's what is meant by baseball bat, but they were very comfortable - not wide and not thick, to my feel.

    There is a Warwick forum here on TB, and a Warwick rep also often drops in here (in "Basses") to answer questions.
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    I found a pic of the thinnest warwick neck I've seen.

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    Ha! True dat.
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    Ditto :ninja:
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    Oct 25, 2012
    When did the original slim shape stop being used though? Like I said, the Corvettes I'm looking at are 2000 & 2004 and the Thumb is a 2001. Of the 3 necks offered now, what is probably the ones used on these 3 basses? I really appreciate the help
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    From 1992 to 2009 the Fat Neck was the standard profile, with the Slim neck being used prior to 1992, and again from 2009 to present. There also wasn't a lot of consistency in neck size/shape like there is today. You really have to check the neck out to see what shape it is. I hope this helps...thanks!
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    Oct 25, 2012
    You have been a tremendous help!! Thank you
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    Its my pleasure. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you've got any other questions, or if I can be of assistance in any way. Thanks again!