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Anybody use the FRETBOARD ALCHEMY FOR 4, 5, AND 6-STRING BASS book?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by David Harrell, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Anybody use the FRETBOARD ALCHEMY FOR 4, 5, AND 6-STRING BASS book? I'm looking for a good theory book, as well as a good scale book and this one seems (by the description) to fit both catagories....

    Any input, or recommendations on another book(s)?
  2. Yes, definitely get it!! :hyper: It's an outstanding book and will really open up the fretboard for you...especially with his emphasis on extended fingerings. Excellent resource. :cool:

    It's well worth it, as most scale books I've seen are subpar. :(
  3. Joe Boom

    Joe Boom

    Jun 25, 2004
    I actually received this book last week. What aspects of theory you are wanting to address? This book is great for scales and alternate fingerings. I helps you to see a particular key all over the fretboard. It really is not a comprehensive theory book though. I would recommend it but you may need additional resources depending on what you are trying to learn.
  4. ireidt


    Mar 6, 2005
    I also have this book, I flip through it from time to time to learn sight reading ( still working on that ) but it is good for scales and a little theory if you already know the basics.
  5. I would like to move out of the subject if I may. Didn´t think it was worth starting a new thread for this question.

    I´m thinking of buying a book to improve my technique and am pondering over wich book to get. Alchemy for 4,5,6 string only good for learning the fretboard or will it be a good resource for improving my technice to? The other book I´m thinking of buying is the "bass fitness" book.

    What would be the right choice?
  6. Hi Leffe,

    "Fretboard Alchemy" is mainly for scales study...but by practicing these scales (and increasing the tempo when you get comfortable with them)..you're chops will improve. Again, it's highly recommended and I've seen a LOT of bass books. I find the independent publishers have the best material. Ed Friedland, Bunny Brunel, and books published by Sher Music are also very high quality.

    I've heard good things about "Bass Fitness"....but it's primarily to exercise your fingers so it will be used to all kinds of left hand sequences/combinations. It won't teach you technique such as slap, tap, chording, etc.

    Hope this helps! :)
  7. So the Fretboard Alchemy book also discusses tapping, slapping and other techniques? Also any book in particular that is good for my right hand technique. I´m primaraly a metalplayer so I find it to be very important to have fast and accurate right hand.

    Thanks for all you help! :)
  8. Sorry for the misunderstanding Leffe, "Fretboard Alchemy" does NOT cover slapping, tapping, etc. What I meant is that by playing these various scales (including extended fingerings which can be quite a stretch!), your hands will become stronger and more flexible through practicing them.
  9. oh, man! Scott Hubbell's a monster and a great teacher. wonderful book! gets real praise form this low ender!