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Anybody using a GK MB800 or 500 with a TC K Cab? Thinking about getting the 210.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jurbanski, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. I posted a thread a while ago about the K Cabs and got positive comments regarding these cabs From TC, I am really thinking about pulling the trigger and am curious if any GK users are currently using any of the K cab series. I am looking in particular at the 210 cab due to its dimensions, power handling and cost.
    I am mostly retired and do fun projects with friends and the occasional small venue gig. I want to use my GK Head for the sound and need a cab similar in Dimension to my Carvin MB 210 combo which I like a lot but, (in my best whiny child voice) I wanna play my GK Dammit!

    1. I want to stay under or close to $400.00
    2. Tall slender Dims are a must, 210 seems to fit that bill. Under 40lbs. would be nice.
    3. I currently own a Rumble 210 Cab, not selling it but I find it has a little to much boom for me. Makes me think the GK 210 would be similar in sound because of Dims and design.
    4. Needs to be able to handle the GK MB 800's power .

    I have received great suggestions regarding REV, Acme, GK and so on, I played Markbass for years but they are no longer an option for me, yeah I'm one of those people with a bad time regarding repairs. The TC K 210 looks like the right fit for my situation and I'm hoping some GK user has had some real world experience with one. Just looking for feedback regarding sound. MY personal EQ settings are FLAT, I only ever use the contour either OFF to 1/4 turn mabey a smidge more depending on the situation and the Bass in hand.

    Comments, suggestions good or bad are much appreciated.

  2. Wicked G

    Wicked G

    Jan 19, 2017
    Hell Paso Texas
    I've used a GK MB500 and a 700rb II on the K212 cabs and they sounded great. Normally I would use the GK heads on my GK NEO 410 because I like matching them, but when I did use the K212 or RS210 cabs they sounded great. And although my band tends to run fairly loud, all of our shows are FOH so we never tend to push too much volume.

    As an example I would run my MB500's gain at about about 11:00, Contour off, Treble at 10:00, Hi Mid at 1:00, Low Mid at 1:00 and bass at 11:00 with the Master volume somewhere around 10 to 11:00. That would be be pretty loud and all of the cabs were fine. YMMV.
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  3. This is what I was hoping to hear, In a perfect world I would just get the GK NEO 212 and be done. But in my world size is everything! I am really looking for a Cab that I don't have to EQ , I'm old and Grumpy and I simply don't wanna have to mess with EQ unless it's a correction for truly creepy sounding room I'm playing in. This is why I got the GK in the 1st place.
    Judging by your settings I should be pretty content with what I hear from a TC. I do play with some pretty Hard Hitting Drummers from time to time so being able to turn it up is always a good thang! Thanks for the response Wicked G.
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