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Anybody using the small Hartkes...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by StopAstronaut, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. ... specifically the small kickbacks (A series) for monitoring with the XLR out into a PA? I just picked up an A35 as a practice amp and figured with the XLR I could just use it for small gigs by sitting it down as a monitor and just DIing it. Wondering if anyone's doing this and if it's a good idea. Or if I should get one of the bigger A-series for the same purpose?

    I plan on getting a medium-to-large-size rig at some point, maybe a 4x10+head or the Hartke 3500 combo, but if the A35 works well DI'd then that'd save some transport hassles for small gigs.

    I can catch a taxi with a combo and a bass or two. can't do that with a 4x10, usually...
  2. If an A35 is 35 watts, then it may only be loud enough for rehearsals, and not for stage use, but that depends on what you are playing and where.

    I have used my Kickback 10 (120watts) as a stage monitor, and that works for me. However as a single 10 inch speaker, it does not put out gallons of low frequency bass.
  3. yeah, it's 35w, but I'm talking small room gigs at most - maybe a bar or pub gig - stuff with a small two-speaker PA, and not rock gigs. Not sure where I'm heading but melodic stuff with an accoustic guitar and some basic lead, and light drumming with me holding the bass noodle in the corner seems OK. I'd expect a bigger venue to have monitoring anyway, and I'd maybe DI through the amp anyway and loop the monitor back.

    Practically speaking though, for a guy with no transport, it seems sensible to use this little thing as a DI/monitor.

    and yeah, it's a 1x10, but my sound is quite trebly at the moment.