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Anyone A/Bed a Berg HT112 vs a Berg HT112S

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TSanders, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Ive had a Berg HT112. Good cab for what I used it for (practice, and a small church rig).

    I sold it due to GAS a while back and will soon be getting a Berg HT112S. Ive played an HT112S in a music store and dug it, but havent used one live.

    However, if anyone could give me a direct A/B comparison between the HT112 and HT112S in any type of live setting, that would be great.
  2. I guess, I could go into more detail and say that I know what a 1x12 is capable of, and thats what I need out of this cab.

    Im more in search of tonal/projection type opinions.
  3. Are you talking about the HT122s... the discontinued shallow 112 with large horn. If so, I own this cab as part of my Berg stack.

    IMO, this cab is meant to serve as providing more 'meat' to the sound of the HT210s. Together these two cabs are similar to modular HT322.

    I do not find the HT122s a very good stand alone cab. It goes VERY deep, but does not have the punch, warmth, or clarity of the HT112. It does put out a lot of low end, and the mids and treble are much brighter, due to that relatively low crossed over large horn type tweeter. It sounds great used how it was designed... with the HT210s IMO and IME.

    If you like the sound of your HT112, but want a little more ooomph, you might try the new HS210. Similar in size to the discontinued HT210s and SA210 (it's a little deeper). I have not heard this particular cab, but the design is closer to the HT112... a more mid punchy woofer design, with a small tweeter crossed over at a high level.

    IMO and IME.
  4. Thanks Ken.

    Ive owned the HT210S and the HT122 (really every Berg cab except the NV215 and NV425).

    This cab is just going to be used for an on stage monitor since I use PA support. I just need a little bass "feel" on stage.

    Seems like it may work, but if I really dig the tone of it live, I may add an HT210S or EX112S.
  5. It goes deep! I think there were VERY few of these sold (since the original design was the EX112s.. no horn.. but even with the HT210s, that stack was too boomy and non-articulate), so you might have a hard time finding one. The HT210s/HT122s stack (especially with the HT112s on top to tame the big low end) sounds very nice.

    However, it really does not punch on its own.. more like a sub with some nice upper mids and treble.. there seems to be a hole in the low and mid mids (which of course, is filled by the very mid punchy HT210s).

    If you are looking for the definition of your HT112 with more low end oomph, you might try the Epi112UL... fatter, wider and deeper all at the same time... a little bigger, but lighter.

  6. Thanks again Ken.

    Well if it doesnt satisfy when I get it, at least I know what else to consider.:D
  7. I forgot! In case you didn't know, Jim now has an HT110 in his product line-up. If I remember correctly, this box is about the same size as the HT112, but instead of the 'standard' 12 and small tweeter, he uses a high x-max 10 and the same big horn that is in the HT112s.

    So, from what I read, and what I know about speaker voicing, that should be voiced similar to the HT122s, but in a smaller box... lower and wider sounding than the small HT112, but I assume a little tighter than the HT122s.

    Something to think about. You might want to PM Tom Bowlus... I have a feeling he owns one!

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