Anyone Audere w/ mid-z only?

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  1. dregsfan

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    Sep 13, 2006
    Does anyone with an Audere find themselves using the mid-z mode only? Reason for asking: For the longest time (years) I have thought how I would like to try a blend that buffers each pickup from one another instead of a passive system that gives you all the impedance loading weirdness (subjective). I never could find one that didn'tcome with tone controls. I don't want active tone controls, just standard, passive type tone control. So, Volume, a Blend that works (active/buffered, and passive tone. That's it. Audere is the only one I have found that I can get without active eq. I don't want three z-modes, so I guess it can be hard wired to middle Z only. I'm just curious if anyone has thought along these lines before. Funny, all this jabber in trying to keep it simple. (Oh yeah, Demeter wouldn't leave the active eq off theirs.) Just thought it would be fun to throw this thread out there. Any thoughts will be appreciated, John
  2. dregsfan

    dregsfan *Spay And Neuter*

    Sep 13, 2006
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    Oct 31, 2002
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    Dec 19, 2008
    You could use a simple gain buffer for each pickup, wired before the balance pot, and add a tone control. Simple an efficient. =)
    I think Bartolini has a dual-channel buffer just for that purpose.

    // edit: BruceWane got that before me. :)
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    I ran a 3ZB with Vol/Vol, z-mode and Active/Passive for a bit. It was an experiment. I sent it back to Dave and had him add a second module with the EQ later. The experiment proved 'un-interesting' and also that I really do like having some EQ options.

    If I were to do that again, I would order the standard module but have only the Vol/Blend configured - all the other functions would be included in the pre but with the wires stubbed out - later should I cnhange my mind, I'd be able to re-configure by adding the switches / pots...

    I run a Jz3 on one of my J's and I use the z-mode a fair amount.
  6. Nothing wrong with getting one wired up like that. At any later date, you could attach the switch to the leads from the preamp (if we're talking the 3ZB module preamp, at least) if you wanted the Z-mode options.

    Better yet, get the pre with the Z-mode switch wired up, play through it long enough to decide which Z-mode you like best, then tuck the switch into the control cavity. :)

    The Z-mode thing isn't an EQ circuit in the technical sense. It changes the impedance loading of the pickup. The tone is different in each mode, the frequency response is different so I guess it is an EQ in the functional sense, but without the sort of phase distortion that an EQ circuit imparts by design.

    • High-Z - like your pickup(s) into the a high-impedance input. i.e. like many classic tube amps
    • Mid-Z - your pickups, unaltered impedance loading
    • Low-Z - your pickups into a low-impedance input. I don't know what the analogue is for this. It's a sweet, sweet sound though. I played at church recently with a guitarist, a harp (harmonica) player and my wife and mother-in-law singing; Neck pickup, Low-Z, no EQ. A sweet and supportive sound.
  7. dregsfan

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    Sep 13, 2006
    Thanks guys for the Bart suggestion. That's an option I had forgotten about. I may have looked at their stuff a long time ago, and maybe decided their stuff was hard to obtain. I don't remember.

    4Mal, that's a good live and learn story. Thanks.
    4String, I like your "Better yet" suggestion. I did think it was a little wastfull of me to not at least try the z switch.
  8. I only use the gain boost of the z-switch occasionally when I run out of volume. My bass is on the treble side of neutral so I never use the trebly Z setting.