Anyone built a Carvin kit bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by The Mock Turtle Regulator, Aug 19, 2001.

  1. In the current issue of Guitarist they reviewed a Carvin BK4 kit passive bass very favourably. they're now importing them into the UK for £349.

    anyone built one of these?
    how's it sound/play etc.?
  2. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001

    I'm thinking about getting one at some point too.
    I'd need a soldering iron first though.

  3. Reverend G-Money

    Reverend G-Money Guest

    Aug 13, 2001
    San Diego, CA
    i live about 30 minutes from one of the carvin factories, and having seen the catalogs/ads for years i went to see if it the basses were as good as they hype them to be.. i was totally disappointed with the showroom models; thick sticky gloss finishes, most of the electronics crackled and popped (half the basses needed new batteries), and the construction was only so-so.. at least with the kits you can finish it yourself. make sure you get different pickups, unless you REALLY REALLY like the carvin sound... ughh.... i'm sure there are people out there who love their carvin basses, but i have never seen such shoddy "custom" work in my life.. :cool:
  4. purple_haze

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    Jun 29, 2001
    London Town
    Yeah I read that too, and am very seriously considering. Shouldn't be too hard, I was always good at Lego. ;)

    The only foreseeable problem is is dealing with two pickups, I haven't the foggiest idea how to put that together, nor have I the money to buy a bass and take it apart just to find out.
  5. Variable mileage, as often. I've owned five Carvins and played I don't know how many dozen, and I think they're much better than that. And yes, I am familiar with a wide range of other basses, from $200 Yamahas to $6000 Foderas. You can buy better basses than Carvins, but I know of nothing in their price range that I think is generally better made. That doesn't mean they're right for MTR; I just wanted to give another side to the picture.

    Purple, the kit is really a no-brainer. You don't have to figure anything out, just follow the directions.
  6. seamus

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    Feb 8, 2001

    Here's a couple wiring schematics for Jazz basses.
  7. the spec of the kit looks very good for the money- graphite reinforced neck, ebony fingerboard, Hipshot bridge, thru body stringing, humbucking Carvin Jazz pickups, copper shielding foil.

    it should be very easy to put together- instructions are included. the wiring is simple.

    I'd definitely buy one if they offered a PJ p/up configuration, and also Hipshot Ultralite tuners with a D tuner included.
    the headstock shape's a bit ugly too.
  8. Reverend G-Money

    Reverend G-Money Guest

    Aug 13, 2001
    San Diego, CA
    for Richard:
    i said before there has to be people in love with carvin, but you gotta admit there is much better stuff for under a grand. you live in NYC, i'm sure you're familiar with MTD. The beast and grendel series are sick. I've got an MTD Kingston 5 that was only $450 and construction wise it's SUPER solid. the pickup is a little bland, but for $150 an active setup could easily be thrown in (i never use it, it's backup to my MIA Jazz V and i recently ordered a DPCustom). the kit is a good deal though. you can do it yourself. the woods are solid, and the hardware is good, but after visiting the carvin factory and trying out the instruments i wouldn't use anything built by them. If you're offering "quality custom" basses the showroom models shouldn't have loose output jacks, uneven finishes or crackly pots on the instruments. it just makes you wonder about what you're gonna end up with. not that i'm right or wrong, but after going through it, i hope you can see why i'm jaded. i really wanted a carvin bad, and after saving money, working extra hours, i ended up being totally disappointed. try before you buy, that's all i'm saying. i'm glad you got a good one. it makes me feel better knowing they do make some quality stuff.:cool:
  9. HeavyDuty

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    Jun 26, 2000
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