Anyone compare seymour duncan quarter pounder jazz 5 and Delano JMVC 5 FE?

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  1. hollowteeth


    Jun 22, 2005
    London, UK
    Anyone ever had a chance to compare these two pickups? I'm playing in a garage rock/punk band and i'd like to replace the Fender N3's in my US deluxe jazz 5. The Delanos on youtube sound very clear and the quarter pounders seem to have a increased lower mids, but it's difficult to tell online? I mainly play using the bridge pickup and i'd like a bit more punch and get some more low end on the B string.
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    Sep 1, 2015
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    I can say that the QPs have a lot of low mids. If you want power, and like a lot of output, those are the ones I dig.
  3. hollowteeth


    Jun 22, 2005
    London, UK
    Thanks Zoobiedood, i can imagine the SD QP's giving me the low mids which i need as i play with a pick.
    Also i'd like to tighten up the B sting sound a bit more.
    Anyone out there liking the Delano's?? Not sure about these as i've read that they give you a Musicman sound, which is not what i want from a jazz bass.
    BTW. i've used the Nordy jazz split coils before on a older Jazz US 5 deluxe and they didn't give me the ballsy sound i'm after. However i did have a Nordy big split on another bass and that is the sound i want. My other option is to get a luthier to route out pickups for two big splits. This is a lot more money though.
  4. somebrains


    Feb 7, 2017
    I've liked SD quarter pounders in the past, I found them more musical than the other pickup guy from the 80's and 90's....DiMarzio.

    Have you considered a 3-band preamp where you can roll in or out just a touch of mids?

    I find myself wanting that little extra touch to get me where I want to be.
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    Aug 18, 2002
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    I have been playing the Delano JMVC pickups for about 4 years. They sound absolutely nothing at all like the MusicMan pickups. Don't let your eyes do the tasting!

    I am not familiar with the SD QP pickups; but the Delano's have replaced the SD SJB-2 pickups, which I used for many years, as my J pickup preference. In that comparison, I would describe the Delano's as much more solid and even across the whole spectrum. The Delano's are humbucking, but have zero of the scooped character that many humcancelling pickups, especially J's tend to have. The SD's are, of course, single coil, and can have the noise issues with stage lighting systems.

    I play with a variety of techniques - pizz, plectrum, slap, palm mute etc. Bottom line on the single coils for me is that they can be just a bit "mushy" or "blurry" compared to the Delano's; and my hypothesis is that the dual pole design causes that effect.

    Another big point in favor of the Delano design is that the neck pickup actually delivers a fairly close representation of a P pickup; which I find very useful.

    I recently revisited this comparison with a Sadowsky RV5-WL that came to me in a trade with another TB'er. The bass came with the Nordstrand SC's installed, and I bought a set of the SD single coils from the shop, and finally acquired a set of the properly sized JMVC5's. I did enough playing with all three flavors installed to confirm my preference for the JMVC's; and those remain in the bass.

    Of course, we all have our own style and tonal preferences; and while mine line up with the JMVC profile, I still appreciate what the SD's deliver and can see where players would prefer that design. You just have to try them and make up your own mind. HTH and FWIW.
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    Jun 22, 2005
    London, UK
    Thanks Bucephylus, that is exactly what i wanted to hear! I like that the Delanos are not scooped sounding, i still want to retain that single coil bite. Noiseless would be a big plus as well, the Fender N3's are noisy.
    Somebrains - the jazz deluxe does have a mid on the eq, but it really only boosts the lower mids which is not ideal. I might look at a John East pre with the sweepable mids once the pickups are sorted.
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    Apr 18, 2016
    I have a custom build coming soon with those Delanos JMVC 5 FE and a John East Uni pre. I think it will be tonal heaven my friend. Best of luck
  8. The Delano’s are split-coil’s, and from what I heard of them, they seem to be very clear with a fast attack - a very modern hum-cancelling Jazz pickup.
    SD QP’s are single coils. I have two basses with QP’s in them, and though they have a LOT lot low-mids, they still get very raspy on the high-end. They aren’t too bright of a pickup, but have a good balance.
    I found that using a .022uF capacitor with QP’s allows for more high-miss to poke through when rolling the Tone off. With the .047uF cap, it seems to cut too many high-mids out and all you get is low end.