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Anyone else find By The Way a bit dissapointing?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Oliphaunt, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Oliphaunt


    May 30, 2002
    I've been looking forward to the album for awhile, and, coming back to the country, heard the single and found it a bit dissapointing. Are the other songs good? Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. Nick Gann

    Nick Gann Talkbass' Tubist in Residence

    Mar 24, 2002
    Silver Spring, MD
    I like it. I wasn't dissapointed.
  3. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I did.
  4. Ívar Þórólfsson

    Ívar Þórólfsson Mmmmmm... Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
  5. frankencow150

    frankencow150 Guest

    Oct 17, 2001
    I heard some songs, and alot of them have the same kinda "sound" to them. It seems like theyre going in the direction of Californication and turning into 100% alternative rock, I liked their sound on one hot minute and bloodsugarsexmagik,it was more funk-rock.
  6. Hell no! Its a great album!

    One thing that is really starting to annoy me is comments such as 'I've only heard a couple of tracks, and I doesnt sound very good' etc. etc. This album, like every other Chili Pepper album takes time to grow on you (like any good album). Just how great it is isnt immediately accessable. After my first one or two listens I thought it was ok, but now two weeks on, I just cant stop listening to it. I listen to it every day, its my new favorite album. My G/F wasnt too impressed the first time I played it to her in the car, now everytime she gets in, she only wants to listen to this CD!
    I have never bought a RHCP album and loved it from the first moment, as it takes a few listens to hook you. So no more comments from people judging it from one listen, or from people who've only heard a couple of songs or the single, only take note of people who have had the album for a little while.
  7. Julien


    Dec 29, 2001
    i really don't like the album........seems like the red hot need some cash.....I maybe the only to think this way but frusciante is so weak compared to navarro......his sound and solos are ugly.
    Every song is "i will always loove yoooou" like,lyrics are stupid and kiedis singing gets annoying.
    Songs like midnight,dosed and the zephyr song are miserable.
    Well that's just my opinion.
  8. Adam Wright

    Adam Wright Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2002
    Mike Lull Basses, Roscoe Basses, 64 Audio IEM, SIT Strings
    I listened to the whole c.d. and I really really disliked it. The whole thing just seems flat and uninspired. I am a huge Peppers fan but I really haven't heard anything that grabs me. The Peppers are big enough so I really don't see why they think they have to start waving the flag of pop mediocrity. They seem capable of so much more but just didn't deliver with this effort in my opinion.
  9. ERIC31


    Jul 1, 2002
    Maricopa, AZ
    Yeah, well you know that mellow pop edge will go out the window when they play live. The new songs will sound much better on stage where they belong.

    They always deliver live. :D

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