Anyone else hate it when...

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  1. You get a pizza, and they mess up the order in some way?

    Here's my story. After nearly getting into a fistfight with my younger sibling, I decided I wanted some pizza from a place nearby, but I didn't have the number. So I go there, and order to go, and figure I can wait. I make my order, then go get some soda, and listen to Meshuggah and Mr. Bungle in the adjacent Wal-Mart parking lot.

    Anyways, after about 20 min, I go back. Wait there for another 10 minutes, and they show me 'my' pizza. I didn't order a plain pizza, so I knew it was the wrong one. Than after another 5 minutes, they show me a pizza with some of the stuff I wanted, and some other stuff.

    I order a pizza with caramalized onions(teh awesomest topping ever), roasted red peppers, and mushrooms. The last pizza they showed me had the onions, hot peppers, and uncooked onions.

    Since I was hungry, and I like those toppings anyways, I gave up and took it.

    *It's delicious either way*

    Anyone else having pizza troubles?
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    These people make $6.75 an hour. If we paid them $19.25 an hour, a livable wage in some places, I'm sure they'd get it right.

    ... uh oh, I'm turning into a democrat ...

  3. All the employees were teenagers, I don't feel too bad about them getting stiffed by the 'system'

    I just want my damn pizza like I asked!
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    Make it yourself then. I learned long ago to make my own pizza.

    Yeah, it takes longer, but you will never get the order wrong. :)

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    Yep. And if we just had ten more bucks we could teach Johnny how to read. :ninja:
  6. AMEN. As a lactose-intolerant individual, I have to make my own pizzas with lactose-free (but REAL) mozarella cheese (made by Kraft). I like my pizzas more than any chain pizza, plus I get awesome toppings. My personal favorite is pepperoni, hot Italian sausage, proscuitto ham, and green bell peppers (with a dash of crushed red pepper). SO GOOD.
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    This has happened to me once... at a local pizzeria, Momo's, we ordered a medium (16" medium, it's great) pie with half pepperoni and half mushrooms. They accidentally brought us a pie with only mushrooms, so they apologised and proceeded to start making us another medium with just pepperoni. It was awesome.
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    When I can, I do. Make my own dough, make it stuffed crust, use homemade sauce*, and cook it just right.

    *My mom makes a couple gallons every other year or so, then we freeze it, and bring it out as needed. Works great.
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    I have more trouble with Kebabs than with Pizza's:-

    Me: "Can I please have a Chicken Kebab with BBQ sauce?"

    Him:- "Chicken or Beef?"

    Me:- "uuummmmmmmm....... Chicken" pretending it's the first time I said it.

    Him:- "You want sauce?"

    Me:- "I already told you. Chicken Kebeb with BBQ sauce".

    Him:- "OK Taka easy Maik" (translation = take it easy Mate)

    At this point they usually start speaking amoung themselves in Arabic and all I can understand is the occasional swear word. I know they're talking about me, but I let it go. Then when they hand me the Kebab, I say "Thankyou" in Arabic. It leaves them guessing wether or not I understood. The faces they pull at this point are priceless.
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    i used to be used to pizza hut, but then i oredered from domino's. in pizza hut, 5 breadsticks means 5 sticks of bread. so the first time i ordered from domino's i asked for five bread sticks along with my pizza. when the delivery guy came, he came with 5 BOXES of 8 bread sticks. so i called back and spoke to the manager, and i was allowed to keep one box and only pay for the one box. :bag:
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    shut up hippie.