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Anyone else jailbreak their iPhone?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by fisticuffs, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. fisticuffs

    fisticuffs Commercial User

    May 3, 2011
    Madison, WI
    I did years ago but went back to stock after some apple OS upgrades. Just jailbroke the 4S last night. Process is way too easy. Anyways looking for other freed men/women to suggest some mods/apps.
  2. EricF

    EricF Habitual User

    Sep 26, 2005
    Pasadena, CA
    Please excuse my ignorance, but...what's the point of jailbreaking it?

  3. +1
  4. Tituscrow

    Tituscrow Banned

    Feb 14, 2011
    NW England
    I think it's something to do with not being tied to Apple OS software or iTunes Apps.

    I'm more than happy with the products and services that come built in to the iPhone.

    Plus, I always thought you needed to somehow take your phone apart, insert some secret device and then put it back together again :)
  5. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Banned

    Aug 15, 2010
    Yes I did. It's awesome! And anybody who asks why anybody does it clearly never did it. ;)
  6. fisticuffs

    fisticuffs Commercial User

    May 3, 2011
    Madison, WI
    It allows for deeper customization. I was happy with my iPhone just bored. You literally download a program and hit "go". It's easily reversible. Here's a screenshot of mine running "LiveOS'. Which isn't really an OS just a clever combination of tools and icons. Widgets, more Icon freedom (I am not restricted to the grid) some shortcut buttons in the dock etc. etc.

  7. found this on Google:

  8. When I had my iPhone I jailbroke using Greenpois0n. The ability to essentially tweak pretty much anything was right there at my fingertips.

    Then I got an Android and had many of those same abilities on a stock device.
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  9. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    Along with the ability to become infected with virus... Jailbreaking is a double edged sword for certain. Personally I like that Apple vets the code I write AND the products I purchase and that other developers can't muck about in my sandbox.

    If you work in a security concious environment you won't be jailbreaking your iPhone, and you probably won't be buying android either...
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  10. boing


    Feb 15, 2004
    WNC, USA
    My last JB was my iPhone 4 running 5.0.1, I think I used redsnow. On top of some other stability issues, I had pretty serious lag opening apps and getting some UI commands to execute.

    I've gone back to stock for awhile, and it's very smooth, but I lose too much functionality with Apple pinning my mittens to my sleeves.

    I might try Absinthe next time and see if things run better.
  11. GodsMalak


    Aug 11, 2012
    I wouldn't have an iPhone without jailbreaking it. Apple's always 2 steps behind the JB community.
  12. BogeyBass


    Sep 14, 2010
    ehh..uh... ehh.. uh


    sorry I always get that song in my head when I hear that word.

    being able to use any sim sounds cool to me.
  13. I get that stuck in my head too!

    Anyway, jailbreaking made my iPod touch much more usable. I have tweaks installed that...
    - trigger airplane mode on/off and control brightness on the notifications dropdown
    - change tracks (next/previous) by holding the volume keys, and pause by pressing both at once.
    - keep an additional icon in the dock
    - clear all backgrounded apps with one press
    - increase the animation speed of all the animations so that the ipod responds faster

    The tweaks make using my ipod much more enjoyable. If you're careful about which tweaks you install and change the ssh password (which is where all those jailbreak hacks came from), there are really no downsides IMO.
  14. seventhson

    seventhson Supporting Member

    Aug 12, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    One (of many) reasons is to be able to use any carrier's SIM card, like T-Mobile. Technically, that's called unlocking, but it requires a jailbreak.
  15. Definitely

    Definitely Banned

    Still haven't jailbroken my iPod, going to do it through greenpois0n if I do. When you jailbreak I know you can no longer use iTunes (or you couldn't before, unless something's changed), but does it restore when you download the software?
  16. seventhson

    seventhson Supporting Member

    Aug 12, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    You can sync fine with iTunes with a jailbroken phone. Anything you synced before you can still do with a jailbroken phone. What you DON'T want to do is download and install iOS software updates. That will effectively un-jailbreak your phone. You have to wait until someone figures out how to jailbreak the new iOS. Which usually doesn't take very long.
  17. Definitely

    Definitely Banned

    Oh, is that new? Last time I looked into it the new iOS was still in the 3's, so things have probably changed quite drastically. I'm hoping to get a touch 4 when the 5 comes out and it drops to like $200, so I may use my current one as a trial run.
  18. seventhson

    seventhson Supporting Member

    Aug 12, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    Not sure. My daughter has my old 3S and it's jailbroken/unlocked for T-Mobile. She has no problems syncing anything via iTunes.
  19. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    I'm thinking of doing this to my 5S. How is it now with the most recent phone and os? Can anyone recommend a particular jailbreak download that won't blow up my work computer?
  20. Stilettoprefer


    Nov 26, 2010
    I had my iPhone 4 jailbroken for about a year. I loved it, but when iOS 7 came out, it was doing pretty much everything that I was using the jailbreak to do, minus the music pirating, so I un-broke it and went on to iOS 7.

    But I do miss one specific application, the pandora radio hack. It got rid of all of the ads and allowed unlimited skips. Made the app 10x better. Otherwise, I'm content with iOS 7.

    I also enjoyed being able to set it up like a windows or android phone. Weirded out a lot of people when they saw it haha.

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