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Anyone else play Noyce's?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by surge, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Wondering if anyone else owns or has owned a Noyce bass?
    I havent met anyone else with one, but theres go to be some Aussie TB'ers out there with one!
  2. I have a Noyce 5 String. Ian converted it to fretless. I'm on his website with my kids. Its a beautiful bass and I have had it for about 10 years.
    Hows yours?
  3. Did you go to the Melbourne Guitar Show?
  4. Ah, I've seen that pic on his site, very nice bass you have there!
    I've got a Dolphin 5, fretless from the start, though he cut fretlines in it by mistake when it was being built so its lined. (I think that was a good move though in hindsight...) I've had mine for around 5 years I think.
    I love it, never played a fretless as sweet... Definately keeping my eyes peeled for another one in the second hand market, but they don't seem to be the sorts of things people ever end up selling.
  5. No, unfortunately. How was it?
  6. My Noyce is a mahogany/maple 5 piece neck thru. EMG 40dc bridge and 40p neck. When converting it, Ian placed mahogany slithers in the fretslots. It has an ebony neck and it really sings. It's so easy to intonate. I honestly think that Ian is a great luthier and craftsman.
    If you have seen that electric upright on his sight, I just want to let you know that I have played it. It's owner plays for Phil Manning. His names Peter HOWELL. Smooth player indeed. That upright does kill everything in it's class. Serious.
  7. E=Fb

    E=Fb Guest

    Jan 28, 2006
    Melbourne, Australia
    I did:hyper:
    Those Noyces did look pretty good. Never had the chance to play one though.
  8. Pete Howells a friend of the family, lovely bloke too. He actually gave me a fretless Noyce (PJ - Fenderish sort of thing) back when I was around 14 or so, bloody champion.

    I'll never forget him describing that upright to me while he was half cut, describing all the curves and how holding it was like carressing a beautiful woman... ok, so maybe he was 3/4 cut...

    Got any pics of your bass?

    I should probably post mine now I think about it...
    (bit blurry)

    (Action looks really high in this pic, its quite the opposite though)

  9. I went on Saturday, it was a good day! Highlights for me were watching a couple of the bands play, with Gerry Pantazis, Brett Garsed and Craig Newman and a number of other musicians I didn't catch the name of. Brett Garsed also had a talk/Q&A session which was great, comes across as a nice guy.

    I don't know if it was an 'off' day but Craig Newman's soloing didn't quite grab me that day. His grooving was on the ball though. He had his SWR amp head with a 5 string Warwick Streamer & 4 string Fender Jazz with him.

    There wasn't much of an emphasis on basses though, there were a few around but the electric guitars were the main focus of the day. I suppose that's where most of the money is.

    Wish I had more money on me, I was really tempted to buy a couple of pedals . I just came away with a John Scofield instructional.

    They didn't have many basses with them if I remember correctly, maybe just one or two on the wall right? They were right opposite the Maton stall.
  10. That bass of yours Surge is amazing. Its beautiful.
  11. Why thank you sir.
    Any pics of yours you could upload?
  12. Not too sure how this phot will turn out. If only I had a decent camera.
  13. Thats when it was fretted!
  14. I can't get a decent photo of my fretless on here but it can be found at www.fretlessbass.com bass numbered 744. Just do a quick search, type in Noyce and it's the only one there.
  15. Do any of you really appreciate the time and effort required to carve that particular body style?

    Those are very cool instruments.
  16. I love the carved tops on Ian's basses, certainly does take a lot of time and effort
  17. Ian uses a computer program to shape the body and neck etc and does the rest by hand. He has the patients of a saint.
    I have seen Noyce's other gear being built by him which include a lap slide guitar, small piano accordian, and heaps of acoustic and electric guitars. All hand crafted.
    I wish he would advertise!
  18. Primarily I am a double bass player but I own two electric basses made by Ian Noyce. The first one was a custom job, back in 1978- a fretted through neck with two Emg Humbuckers. The neck is made of Queensland maple, with mahogany wings and an ebony fingerboard. This bass has a truly amazing sound. In 1985 I took the frets out and this bass showed its true meaning in life! An incredible instrument. It'll be 30 next year! My other Noyce is a PJ maple neck, Mahogany body and rosewood finger board. It too was a fretted bass and is now fretless.
    Then there's my semi acoustic double bass designed by Ian Noyce and myself. This came about after not being satisfied with what I had seen, heard and played in the world of the electric upright bass. I decided I wanted a full scale, semi acoustic, collapsible instrument with a deep rich and resonant sound - just as an an old acoustic double bass sounds when amplified. After twisting Ian's arm a bit we sat down and designed and built this beautiful instrument.
    Surge, you are right in your decription of my describing this bass to you (I know who you are!!!!) - however seeing as this bass is a full scale instrument perhaps I was 4/4 cut!!!!!
    And thanks for growing up to be a great bassplayer and adding to the integrity of the bassworld. I hear you have ordered your second Noyce 5 string. Good on you - Noycey's instruments will live on long after we are gone. may we pass them on wisely.
  19. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    No. But I'd like to. The Dolphin is luvverly and Blackwood/Koa are some of my fave woods.

  20. Great to see you on here Petey!!
    It's true mate, off to see Noycey on Saturday to put my deposit down and to discuss all the details of what I am sure will be another beautiful bass.
    Mate, I have you to thank for putting on the path to Correct Bassdom, and like you say, they're not instruments that will ever be "sold", mine will be passed on when my time with them is up.
    Hope to see ya soon mate