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Anyone else used Sunny Day Delay for bass ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by jibreel, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. jibreel


    Apr 12, 2005
    Search got this : http://www.talkbass.com/forum/search.php?searchid=5291177

    Anyone tried this one for bass? Any soundclips ?

    I cant stop looking for the perfect delay. :help:
    Somewhere between analog and digital. Short fat delay is what I use. I am using the Maxon AD999 now which will remain unless I can find one to replace it.

    The deep blue delay is amazing but sounds more analog that a lot of analog pedals.

    I may try the Analogman DD3 mod. The regular DD3 is not very inspiring.
  2. markjazzbassist

    markjazzbassist Supporting Member

    Apr 19, 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    i'd love to try one. i got a Cosmichorus on order. should be here any day.:)
  3. Jared Lash

    Jared Lash Born under punches Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    Northern California
    I haven't heard the Sunny Day Delay on bass, but a friend has one and it sounds really good on guitar. It can do that sort of dreamy delay sound very well. If he didn't gig so often I'd ask to borrow it.

    The Cosmichorus is one that I've wanted to try for a while now. I'm interested to hear what you think of it when you get it Mark.

    I'm always tempted to buy a Frazz Dazzler for my guitar player. I've only heard the clips for that one, but it sounds exactly like what we need for the stuff we're writing right now.
  4. markjazzbassist

    markjazzbassist Supporting Member

    Apr 19, 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    I'll definately post a review and clips when i get it.

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