Anyone ever compare a Genz Benz NEOX 212T to any Barefaced cabs?

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  1. 4stringsjack


    Dec 5, 2002
    I'm just curious... The recent thread about good lightweight cabs got me pondering. The GB 212 sounds awesome- just what I want my cab to sound like. But if I could get the same sound in a slightly smaller format... At the same weight (50 pounds) or less... Well, I'd be interested in that. As such, the Barefaced cabs have caught my attention.

    Has anyone ever directly compared the Genz Benz NEOX 212T to any of the Barefaced cabs? If so, which cabs and what are your impressions regarding sound/volume?

    I'd love to hear about other cabs that are smaller than the GB if you've had a chance to make a comparison. The GB is 31" tall x 21.25" wide x 16.5" deep. I'd like something a little shorter and less deep, in particular.
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Www.Revsound .com Low, loud and light. Reasonably priced.
    2x12: 14 7/8” deep X 15 ¾” wide X 30 ¼” height, 46 lbs . He has some really lighter weight materials you can ask about.
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    Apr 15, 2006
    I have (and love) a GB NX2-112 (pretty much same as the Neox) and have owned BF One 10 stack and Super Compact. The BF cabs with his 10" driver are not at all like the Neox-they are less defined, more old school-no tweeters. The SC is probably about 1/2 way between a Neox 112 and 212 in terms of volume, but has no tweeter and a much more muted top end. I have not heard the BF Super Midget, but I suspect it's in the same "tonal universe" (apologies to Kjung) as the Neox, at < 1/2 the weight, but pricey. Hope that helps.
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    Dec 5, 2002
    That helps a lot! I was curious how the SC would stack up. I typically have the tweeter dialed down to about 10% on the NEOX, so I'm not sure how much I'd miss it.

  5. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    I think the answer to the OP is a different cab, with a dramatically different concept and design, will not sound like your old cab. In my experience it has a very good chance of sounding much better, but will not sound the same.
    A 112 can easily sound louder than a 212, again depending on the design. IME the BF 112 cabs are designed to be this good.

    A quote from the Barefaced website about the Super Compact. . . . Max CONTINUOUS BROADBAND & LF SPL
    127dB - similar to what a high quality 2x12" or 4x10" cab can manage before the lows fail to keep up with the mids

    I haven't played a GB cab, but as a real world example. . . . at the same volume levels, my 2 Super Compacts are easily a match for my previous Berg 3 x 112 rig and they sound much "bigger". I can also run them with my 4 ohm amp, which I couldn't do with the 312.

    Read the Barefaced thread and PM those guys with specific questions. Email Alex at BF. You'll get sensible, non marketing replies.
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