Anyone ever listen to Dag?

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  1. I just found a CD of theirs I used to listen to years ago and broke it back out and started jamming to Lovely Jane again. They are a funky kinda, groove rock, soul band.

    Righteous (1994) (my favorite)
    Apartment #635 (1998) (Was ok, but overproduced IMO)

    Anyone else like this band?

    I found out about them on the Sony demo disc that came with the Original Playstation back in 94 I believe.

    Dag was an awesome band. For anyone that likes a good groove I highly recommend "Righteous".
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  2. Dag was pretty good. Somehow I have that album on LP.
  3. I could Imagine a some good needle cracking while "You can lick if you try" is playing.

    I would call that a score.
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    I heard a promo tape of Dag before "Righteous" was released and I was really impressed. I got the CD and I'm bummed I never got to see them play.

    There was another release called "Apartment #635" but I refuse to believe it was the same band. "Righteous" was so greasy and but this was.... not so cool for me anyway.

    But in any event, pick up Righteous!
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