anyone familiar w/ the eden CXC-410C4?

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  1. pil101


    Jul 8, 2000
    i purchased this amp recently and i like the tone. few questions:

    1. is it 400 or 250 watts (i dont understand ohms)?
    2. when i play w/ my band it always seems to clip and the Output Limit light goes on. i even tried turning down the gain and boosting the master volume. i would think this amp should be able to be loud.
    3.would adding a 1x15 cab do to the sound?
    4. any other comments about this amp?


  2. 1. It's 400 watts with a 4-ohm load, and 250 watts with an 8-ohm load. The internal speakers are an 8-ohm load, so you'll need to hook up another 8-ohm cabinet to get the full 400 watts out of it. There is an extension speaker jack on it, no?

    2. Do it the other way around--keep the gain up and the master down. The output limit light going on is perfectly normal.

    3. A 1x15 would add a lot more "thump" to the sound. Considering that the Eden 10" woofers have a lot of low midrange in the first place, adding a 15" would just muddy things up. See if you can't score yourself a D-212XLT.

    4. I've played through one before and liked it a lot. The speakers don't put out as much low end as the ones in my pair of D-210Ts, though, because they have smaller excursion limits.
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    Just a personal opinion ... don't get the Eden D-212XLT. I owned that cab for a while, and it's not as tight as tens and doesn't have the bottom of a 15. I sold it to a guy who likes a lot of mid punch, and he loves 'em. For your rig, an Eden 115 would sound great. It's not a flabby speaker, and doesn't add mud (I replaced the 212 with a 115).