anyone got a Boss wah pedal??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Camel_spit, Nov 15, 2001.

  1. I am thinking of purchasing a Boss Dynamic Wah pedal (AW-3). It is actually for guitar but it has a bass input. If anyone has this pedal, could you please tell me what it's like? Thanks.
  2. i suggest you try other things before that. An envelope filter will give you better sound and a real wah will be more versatile. Autowahs are a waste in my opinion
  3. i've got a bassballs touch-wah :)
  4. INGL: uh, the AW-3 has all of those features.

    The AW-3 isn't worth the money, IMO. It's noisy, adds way too much treble, and isn't nearly as effective as a Q-Tron.

    Save up some more dinero and look at an EBS BassIQ. I'd recommend the Q-Tron but Electro-Harmonix's tendency to screw up soldering work makes their reliability suspect in my eyes (I've played through a number of E-H pedals with defective bypasses).