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  1. has some really cheap strings, but I have really fallen in love with my DR Sunbeams. Can anyone out there compare the cheap strings to a brand-name string to give me a better idea of their quality of sound? Are they round core or hex? Nickel or Nickel plated?

    $10 a set sounds really good to me, but what do the strings really sound like?

    If anyone doesn't know what I am talking about, check out

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    They're the best deal on strings I've found on price-value relationship. Plus, they fill/ship your order like lightning.

    I don't use them on the basses I take to gigs. They aren't nearly as bright and punchy as the DR "Marcus" (a.k.a. "Fat Beams") I use "in public." I definitely wouldn't use them in the studio.

    That said, it was worth it to me to find out just how doggone good, reasonably priced strings could be.