Anyone had or have BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/A tires

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  1. Its about tire time for my Tacoma, and these are what Im looking at. I dont need an All-Terrain for this truck, and the Radial Long Trails seem to be a good tire for my on road, light off road needs.

    Anybody use these tires. I need your opinions.
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    Oct 18, 2002
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    I don't specifically use these, but I am a big fan of BF Goodrich. I use control T/A's on a 2wd ranger, and since the wheels are only 14's, those were what was available. But I was pleasantly suprised at their traction in wet and snow. They are quite good. I plan on getting some larger wheels and better tires later on, and the long trails seem like a good idea. Maybe if you look on, you can look at their ratings, and see what they think.
  3. I need an R14 as well. The Radial Long Trails are available for a 14 rim, but they arent listed on the website.

    I like the LTs because they look like a good compromise between a radial and an all terrain.
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    My 'yota has the radials... good stuff.