Anyone has tried a Warwick Jazzman 5 fretless ???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ipodeloc, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. It's too late ... I have already ordered it! But I was so happy with my FNA Jazzman 5 (fretted) that when the idea came too add a fretless sister to it, I decided for almost the same model.

    Warwick had not such model in stock (it will take 2-3 months too build it, with lines (yeah!) and built-in strap locks), so I wonder if someone somewhere has ever tried this model (or a FNA Jazzman fretless).

    I love Warwick ... a bit heavy but what a sound!:D
  2. Jazzman Ok, but I have forgotten to say that my new bass will be a STREAMER Jazzman (oh, just for a better feel with the contoured body).
  3. FNA freak checking in. Never seen a fretless one, but I have played Warwick unlined fretless Corvette and lined Thumb BO with much enjoyment. I am holding onto some well-earned cash, waiting for GC to announce this year's anniversary edition Warwick. I'm hoping it's the Streamer Jazzman with curly bubinga top and all-wenge neck with trapezoidal inlays, as was given away by Bass Player mag back in March. As one who cut his teeth on Fenders, the only niggle I have with the Streamer Jazzman is the control knobs being a bit too close to the right hand playing area, and therefore subject to accidental adjustment if I am really flailing away at it. For this reason I prefer the Corvette FNA variants, but I do love the Streamer body. Here's a great backup bass project: Take a Streamer Std (MIG-not Rockbass) single PU version and, in addition to adding the straplocks, install an EMG BTC stacked bass/treb control. The result still weighs in at under 7 lbs and will melt in your hands and be light on your shoulder for those 4-set gigs. I did just that and sold it for more than I paid for it! (Of course, this was after I removed the Hipshot Bass Xtender for use on another basss). Post pix of your new baby upon its arrival.
  4. Picts not before October/November ...
    Warwick had first say that it would take 6 months to deliver it, but as the guy of the shop where I ordered it directly spoke to Hans ... (boss of Warwick), he managed to reduce the delivery to 2 months. Ouf!

    I was interested in a Marleaux Fretless Edition too, but they needed 7 months to build it and I couldnt try one before.
    With Warwick, there is no surprise : neck, sound ... I know it all now!