Anyone have a dean bass?

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    Feb 4, 2001
    I was messing around in a music store and pickup up a couple dean basses! The first one was a bolt on and felt very crappy! Very cheaply made but the other one was a neck through and lots of detail to it! It actually supprised me! Felt very solid! The setup sucked dog terd but i fixed that and it really impressed me! I dont know much about these basses does any one else? Were are they made? They had a tag price og 9 hundred somthing?
  2. The 900-something one was probably an Improv, which is the top of the Dean Line. The Edge Custom (bolt-on), Select (neck-through), and Improv lines are made in the same Czech factory that builds CR-series Spectors and MTD Grendels and Beasts.

    I have an Edge Custom 5 and it's a really good bass for the $500 I paid for it, not including tax and case. The B string is pretty much the best I've tried in the under-$1000 price range; it's kinda mushy above the 7th fret, but that's all right. The pickups are decent and have a VERY low noise floor, and the EMG-type preamp is fairly good; I've found that it records well. The hardware is nice although the tuners feel a bit "sloppy" (they hold tune very well, however). The fit and finish is excellent.

    The bolt-on you tried was probably one of the Korean-made Edge basses; like any Cort/Samick/etc.-produced instrument, quality varies greatly from instrument to instrument. The Improv has active EMG pickups (as opposed to the passive EMG-HZs on the Edge, Custom, and Select), and it's a neck-through, so it should have a full, punchy sound.
  3. I have a dean rhapsody 8 string. It was cool. Now, I'm bored with it.