anyone have midi-controller & softsynth experience?

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  1. bassguppy


    Jan 8, 2003
    I'm looking to pick up (probably all used) a midi-controller keyboard and software. Also looking for a notebook/laptop. Will 1GB RAM and 320GB hard drive be sufficient? Or is the more the better? Also, anything I want in a laptop that will probably be dedicated solely for music/gigging only?

    This will all hook up to a Roland PK-5A.

    I have $1400 to spend not including the computer. So after a used PK5 for around $400+/-, there will be $1000 for a controller (49 or 61 keys) and softsynth/freeware. Any suggestions for a middle of the road rig?
  2. Mads

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    Jun 6, 2005
    Oslo, Norway
    I love my M-Audio Axiom and Logic Pro.

    Seems you would get there with your budget.
    If you want stand alone synths I can't help, sorry.
  3. What i would do is figure out what sounds you want, pick the software up, and buy a computer based on what the software requires--to me buying the computer first would be like buying a 9v battery and then figuring out what effect pedal to buy afterwards. In any case, I suggest a dual-core processor at least, 2 gb memory and i would check out external hard drives. If you are going with a laptop with windows on it, it is going to burn up a bit of hard drive space, which you might need, as there are softsynths with upwards 2-3 gb of samples per synth, which can fill up quick.

    if you want some cheap/free synths, check out or just do a search for free VST synths on google :)