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anyone have the acoustic b115? worth a dang?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mschiff, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Mschiff


    Jul 22, 2012
    Memphis, TN
    since all the Kustom cabs sold out, the next inexpensive 15in cab is the Acoustic b115. I want to put together and 2x15 cab stack inexpensively. does anyone have any experience with these? i like the old school tone. not into highs or slap. just boomy bottom grind.
  2. I have two of the B-115s. They are OK if you don't push them too hard.

    They WILL get into distress a lot faster than 410s, but in small venues, they are just fine.

    Besides: it's an old wives' tale that big is boom-y. Personally, the B-410s or a B-810 are very olde school.
  3. Mschiff


    Jul 22, 2012
    Memphis, TN
    there's not much info about them i can find. you know their frequency response? are they sealed or ported?
  4. They're sealed. They are rated for 250 watts and work great without distorting when getting close to maxing out the volume knob, so long as the amp used is 200 watts or less. The trick to getting the cleanest, loudest sound is to use TWO B115's in parallel.

    Even the Acoustic B115 owner's manual doesn't list the frequency range, but it goes deep enough to suit me while still retaining articulate highs. They sound good to me and the guys I play with, and they are covered with Tolex with nice steel corner guards. Look good too.

    I have heard that the cabs are made of MDF instead of plywood, but I haven't torn into mine to verify this.

    I use my Acoustic B200H head with one or two B115 cabinets for nightclub venues, depending on the size of the club, and it works great for that. They give a very clean deep classic rock tone, which is what I use it for. Hard to beat for $140 per cab.

    The one big negative is the horn. It's pretty crappy. Starts crackling after it heats up. Fortunately, there's a horn disable switch on the back and I keep the horn turned off fairly universally.

    Bottom line is there are far better cabs out there, but the B115 is high on the "value for the dollar" scale. They're not junk, just inexpensive entry-level quality. The Squier of amps, so to speak.
  5. Yah - forgot to mention the horns. Turn them off and leave them that way.

    And yes they are MDF. If you don't get them wet, you'll be OK - but I have no idea how much 'wet' is necessary to mess with them.

    I've been inside all my Acoustic gear, replacing the mats and sealing off the input jack holes with small Tupperware containers and some RTV silicon. Don't tell my wife where they went - OK?

    I had one that whistled and just decided to eliminate any possibility of future noises from any of them, up front.

    I push all my cabs with a B-600H, and it can reduce the B-115s to tears pretty fast, much more-so than with 200 Watts; just listen for sounds of future silence. To date I haven't killed any of mine though.

    I've always wondered what the words "ported design" meant, but there are no ports in any Acoustic cabs of which I know - only my B-450 has any real ports.
  6. Got a B200 H and 1x15 cab earlier this month. Haven't gigged with them; living room only. I like the sound.

    Living room test: Ran both: my B200 Combo and B200 H through a Live Wire A B Y box; set tones differently in each amp for fun.

    If 200-H is equal to B-200 Combo, then it it is truely loud enough on its own, as well as D I out for PA reinforcement.

    GC Acoustic family: Great amps all, in my opinion and use.

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