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Anyone heard the latest Tortoise?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by DigMe, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    So Tortoise has a new album out entitled "It's All Around You." I'm a big fan of "TNT" and I listen to it quite often. It's my favorite album of theirs although many would say "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" is their best. "Standards" was ok but kinda peters out after the first two tracks. So, has anyone heard the new one? Which of their albums would you compare it to if any?

    brad cook
  2. It took a while for It's All Around You to sink in, but now that it has I enjoy it. The first tune is incredible, and I like "Five Too Many" and "Salt The Skies" a lot as well. One article described IAAY as Tortoise refining their aesthetic, and that makes sense to me.

    In response to your second question, IAAY reminds me of Standards due to similar instrumention and production, as well as Jeff Parker's presence on both albums. Also both albums have moments that remind me vaguely of Mahavishnu Orchestra-style fusion.

    I'm a fan of all of Tortoise's work, but TNT is my favorite album as well, Brad. It's on my top ten albums of all time list. Millions may receive the most acclaim, but I'd argue that TNT is Tortoise's most consistent and cohesive album.

    BTW, I'm going to see Tortoise tomorrow night in Boston!
  3. I love Tortoise, so please bear these comments with a grain of salt....

    ...I like the new album a lot. It's a great "chill out" album. If you like "Standards", you'll probably really like this one too. It's a very cohesive album by musicians who really know their way around a studio.

    I personally find Tortoise's last few albums to be "Muzak for the prog-minded". Each track on the new album is mostly blended together to form a whole, but it IS a little bit of a challenge to really point out parts that stand alone.

    Also, the cover is very cool.

    Probably won't convert any new fans, but I also think Tortoise probably needs to be seen live to "get".
  4. Thats interesting, because with a few exceptions I find the compositions on IAAY to be more distinct than those on Millions and TNT. It does seem, however, that each Tortoise album is designed to be cohesive unit rather than a collection of songs. The new one suceeds in that IMHO.

    Even though Tortoise is first and foremost a studio band?
  5. supermonkey


    Mar 15, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    I'll have the choice of seeing Tortoise over Yes next Wed nite.

    Having seen Yes last year, I am leaning towards Tortoise -- based purely on their rep, b/c I know nothing of them or their records.

    How are they live?
  6. I saw Tortoise live for the first time on Tuesday. It was an excellent show - high energy, diverse mix of material. They are looser live than I had anticipated but loose in a good way if that makes any sense. My girlfriend, who is not familiar with Tortoise, said she enjoyed herself quite a bit.

    Since this is a bass forum, I should probably mention that at least three of the five Tortoises played bass at some point during the show. Doug McCombs had a modified Telecaster bass and a Fender Bass VI. Dan Bitney and Jeff Parker both played Jazz Basses. John McEntire's Precision was on stage and he may have played it but I couldn't see stage right for most of the show.
  7. supermonkey, if you're interested in learning more about the band, they recently put up a nice Website at trts.com.

    There are audio clips from all of the albums here:


    Good luck with your decision. I'll be interested to learn which show you choose to attend.

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