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  1. Don't know if this is easily feasible without too much effort for someone in the know, but here goes...

    I have a new bass on the way, and as usual the most painful exercise for me is to pick a finish. If you know of an easy way / online tool I could use to get a better idea of what the bass will look like in different colours, please let me know.

    I'm open to finish suggestions too.

    This is what the body looks like pre-routing / sanding. It is going to be a headless PJ, with black hardware. I know I want a translucent finish to show the wood grain, but can't pick a colour. I'm semi-reluctant to go with natural (as I already have a bass like this), but it would probably be a safe bet.


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    How about something like idea what to call it..

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  3. Yeah, I'd go with a different colour, but this kind of "raw" finish is one of the options I'm considering, and it's one the luthier I'm dealing with has done often.

    It's killing me, really. It took me less than a minute to tell the luthier everything else I wanted for this bass (pickups, controls, neck radius/width, hardware), but I can't pick a finish! Swamp ash has such a nice grain to it, it seems like it would look good in just about any colour.

    I've been considering something like dark red...


    ...but on the flipside I don't want my bass to look too much like an SG / EB0 wannabe.

    Also thought about some flashy green...


    ...but it might be a little much after the novelty wears off.

    A dark blue could also look good...


    ...and though I already have a bass in natural gloss (and kind of feel like I *should* pick something different), I can't deny that it would also look very nice and classy in natural.


    Ah! Decisions, decisions...
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